Review: Nightshade Knife – Schalk Holloway


Those of you that know me know these two things: I am by nature very minimalist. And I am not impulsive at all. These two characteristics consistently reflect in the tools that I use and in the approaches and methods I use in combative training.

In terms of knives: I don’t own a lot of knives. I’m not that type of knife guy. My wife frequently gets frustrated with me as I’ll browse through 100 knives, she’ll want to buy me one, and then I don’t want any of them. I can use any edged or pointed weapon (barring swords) quite proficiently. But I take ages before actually buying one for myself.
When I first saw the original design for this knife I was immediately intruiged. I asked Xavier whether he would mind customizing it for me. He immediately understood what I wanted and went about putting it together. Whilst I was waiting I borrowed one of the original designs from him to test it on organic medium. I don’t exagerate when saying it outperformed every other knife there.

It is an amazing piece of craftmanship. And it is a serious tool for those that are serious about personal safety.
I don’t get anything from promoting this knife. But I want to state very publicly and officially that Xavier Knox has my personal and professional support and recommendation. And I look forward to building a long term relationship with him. 👊🏻
Oh yes, and did I mention it comes with a trainer? 😉

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