Hyper-Advocates and Two Types of Problem Solving Methodologies – Erik Kondo

There are many ways in which people try to solve problems in their lives and in the world. But, there are two widely used methods that take completely opposite approaches. The method used is usually a function of the person’s Locus of Control. Internal Locus Problem Solving (ILPS)- Someone with an Internal Locus of Control … [Read more…]

What Drowning Teaches Us about Self-Defense Training – Erik Kondo

One complaint originating from certain advocates about promoting self-defense training (typically in reference to women) is that ‘knowing” self-defense is no guarantee a person will be able to successfully prevent or interrupt an attack. Many times, this opinion is voiced from someone who claims to have implemented “self-defense” strategies, yet he or she was assaulted … [Read more…]

The Fear Profiteers: How They Manipulate and Harm You and Society – Erik Kondo

As much as many people may dislike bankers, financial systems have enabled civilizations to develop and prosper. The availability and flow of capital has facilitated the creation of modern societies. There is another commodity that also central to civilization and individual prosperity, it is the “supply” or “amount” of Trust in society. Trust is defined … [Read more…]

Reaction To Women Abusing Men – Marc MacYoung

Before you read, watch… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlFAd4YdQks I’ve long maintained that there is a significant difference between abuse and domestic violence. Abuse is abuse. But domestic violence is much more of a fight — participatory, consensual and mutual. As anyone who has ever lived in a trailer park, barrio or ‘hood can tell you, ‘Domestic violence, a … [Read more…]