Ineffective Bad – Rory Miller

Just because something really sucks doesn’t mean it works. Remember USM J. Jone’s three rules:  Anything you teach must work moving or standing still, must work when you are adrenalized and, number one, anything you teach must have a tactical use.Combat sports train hard, but they train within a ruleset.  Does that make it wrong? … [Read more…]

What the United Airlines Incident Teaches Us about Boundary Setting – Erik Kondo

The recent incident of a passenger being forcibly removed from an airplane has created a firestorm of traditional and social media commentary. There has been lots of talk of passenger rights, laws, contracts, corporate profits, corporate responsibility, the use of force continuum, and more. What most people don’t seem to realize that this incident is … [Read more…]

Boundary Setting for People with Disabilities – Erik Kondo and Sam de Leve

Boundary setting is a problem solving strategy that enables people to deal with and differentiate between awkward, rude, and dangerous people and situations. As people with disabilities, we are subject to boundary intrusions on a regular basis that stem from other people’s negative implicit bias regarding both our competence and vulnerability. Due to this bias, … [Read more…]

What is Asocial Violence?

  Response by Rory Miller I’m going to explore some of the different mindsets of violence. In addition to the social classifications, there are three asocial types that I want to hit: the severely disturbed; those in great need; and those who enjoy acts of violence. These mindsets are important to understand. They are not … [Read more…]

What is Fear Management vs. Danger Management?

Response by Marc MacYoung Let’s start with the fact that there’s a difference between fear management and danger management. I’m talking in extremes here, but it’s to communicate an idea. Let’s say you’re terrified of vampires. No amount of rational explanation that vampires don’t exist and aren’t a danger is going to help. That’s because … [Read more…]

How do I “proactively” avoid rape?

Response by Marc MacYoung and Diana Gordon MacYoung *WARNING* On this Page, our goal is not damage control, it is prevention. There are many organizations and groups who will help a woman who has been raped with putting her life back together and dealing with rape trauma syndrome (a form of PTSD). They will also … [Read more…]

What about knife disarms?

Response by Marc MacYoung I just got asked about knife disarms by someone who realized most of them are BS **** Actually I can’t answer this question. That’s because the most accurate answer I can give is “It depends.” There are three terms I want to introduce you to 1- Wicked problem A wicked problem … [Read more…]

How can I generate more power?

Response by Marc MacYoung When it comes to having powerful punches, a whole lot of what you know ‘ain’t so.’ Or to be more precise, odds are you’re trying to fly a one-winged airplane. Quite frankly most people need to be less concerned with generating more power than they need to focus on losing less … [Read more…]

How do I handle a haymaker punch?

Response by Marc MacYoung The simple answer is ‘See it coming and move.’ The not so simple answer is I just finished writing a 150 page e-book that covers this subject. It will be available next month. It’s called “Writing Violence IV: Defense” and it will be available for a whopping $2.99. I specifically go … [Read more…]