The Progressive Fence – Erik Kondo

The Progressive Fence is a model for understanding how to communicate and enforce limits on unwanted behavior during interpersonal conflicts and confrontations. It all starts with the Visual Fence of body language. We can talk about the importance of walking with purpose, being alert and aware of our surroundings, and projecting confidence.  But that is … [Read more…]

Women’s Self-Defense – Intermediate Study

  This page is for people who have a basic understanding of the concepts of women’s self-defense and want to learn more. It is assumed that you have reviewed the Beginning to Study page.   Recommended Book: Fight Like a Girl and Win Recommended Book: Beauty Bites Beast: Awakening the Warrior Within Women and Girls Recommended … [Read more…]

Understanding the Communication Continuum: Visual, Verbal, and Physical Communication – Erik Kondo

Face to face interpersonal communication can be roughly divided into three methods. These methods are visual, verbal, and physical. These methods also escalate in intensity with visual being the most indirect and physical being the most direct method. Visual communication can be thought of as body language. Body language is a highly effective means of … [Read more…]

Rule Knowledge

Rule Knowledge (RK) is understanding “how things work” in the specified Environment. The Environment creates the Rules. All human societies, groups, organizations, tribes, families, etc have some form of Rules of Behavior. These rules are specific to the Environment, but underlying them are universal principles and concepts (that are not so hard to understand). It … [Read more…]

The Security Trio of Respect, Communication, and Enforcement – Erik Kondo

A Secure Person is one who is able to limit and control anti-social behaviors both by himself and by others. These unwanted behaviors range from bullying, harassment, sexual assault, to murder and mayhem. A Secure Person uses the Security Trio of Respect, Communication, and Enforcement. He or she clearly communicates the rules of behavior. These … [Read more…]

Eye Contact – Rory Miller

There is a lot of input on social rules for eye contact and there are profound gender differences and cultural differences.  Your history and depth of understanding will deeply affect how you use eye contact for communication. It is huge. But it’s not just an external thing.  Absolutely, people will read a message in my … [Read more…]

Glossary of Terms

Awareness Markers – knowledge about self defense that signals your brain to take note and amp up your awareness. Ex: any precursor to a monkey dance that helps you label it as such. Asymmetrical Violence – When the parties in a physical confrontation differ widely in factors such as size, strength, ability, experience, tactics, weapons, numbers … [Read more…]

Recommended Media

Here are some posts, articles, videos, websites, blogs, documents, studies, and more that CRGI members recommend in no particular order. The name in parentheses is person who made the recommendation. Please submit your web link recommendation here: FLASHBANG BRA HOLSTER: FIRST IMPRESSIONS FROM A MALE INSTRUCTOR – Kathy Jackson Self-proclaimed ‘Thought Leader’ Gives Talk on … [Read more…]

Why Effective Boundary Setting Must Include Enforcement – Erik Kondo

Please read this post first by Martha McCaughey. “Clear Communication” Must Include Self-Defense I think that the above referenced makes some great points. I will expand upon it in terms of my model of Progressive Boundary Setting. My interpretation is that effective boundary setting must include Clear Communication and Enforcement. Physical self-defense is a form … [Read more…]