Animal’s Guide to Negotiation and Compromise — Out at the Sharp End. – Marc MacYoung

  I was asked the eternal question. Well okay, so it’s not really eternal, but — because I talk so much about negotiation and compromise — I get asked it A LOT. “How do you negotiate with such people?” Such people are the bullies, temper tantrum throwers and “NO COMPROMISE!” idealists (read, pain in the … [Read more…]

Back to One – Rory Miller

  There’s something I’ve written about, thresholds, and it’s not quite right. Experience with violence rewires you. The person who has survived a violent encounter is not the same person as they were before the violent encounter. Five encounters later, there’s another definite change. Then another and another and another. Six discrete stages is as … [Read more…]

Overlay – Rory Miller

  Working on a model. A lot of things have puzzled me for the last several years, especially things that look, to me, like people fighting against their own self-interest; people blind to the disconnect between their own peaceful words and violent actions; people arguing and even rioting against their own civil rights (WTF, people?); … [Read more…]

My Personal Story of Internet Otherism: What it is, Who Does it and Why – Erik Kondo

Video link. Otherism also known as Othering is when a person is considered to “not be one of us.” It is the exclusion of a person who deviates from “acceptable” norms. The exclusion can be based on race, religion, ethnicity, country of origin, social economic factors, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and more. Many forms of … [Read more…]

A Plea … Before the Bullets Start Flying – Marc MacYoung

Congratulations, you smeared distinctions to create a bigger political block, raising an inclusive banner to seem to present a unified whole for your cause. Good idea right? After all, your PR to create and identify a large, unified group to the outside world worked. Except now everyone else can’t tell the difference between you and … [Read more…]