A real survival story – Terry Trahan


Some time ago here in Colorado, a gentleman who was out on a hunting trip got seperated from his party.
Then, for whatever reason, he got turned around, and couldn’t find his way back to the rendevous point.

This gentleman was missing for about 2 days. And he exhibited one of the best mindsets I have ever seen.
Know, I am not going to mention the fact that he didn’t have a compass, or any other survival gear, or lack of LandNav skills. He didn’t even have food.

No, what I am going to mention is how and what he used to get rescued.

This guy, in keeping with the Truck it in, Truck it out mentallity, which I support, he kept his trash with him. And in the refuse he was carrying, was a drink pack, a Capri Sun, as a matter of fact. Which was packaged in foil. Shiny, aluminum-type foil. Which this gentleman used as a signal mirror to signal a searching helicopter.

Now, you can say he was unprepared, but he kept to the first rule of WeaselCraft,
“I don’t care, I’m going home.”

He used what he had, and kept his wits about him. And you know what, he went home.
An A #1 survivor in my book.

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