A great book by Rory Miller, Meditations on Violence, talks about knowing what your “Go” buttons are. Decisions about how your going to act and react during violent encounters. Make up your mind before hand what your going to do in a given situation. What are you willing to do and what’s it going to take for you to do it.

Self defense, personal protection and protecting other’s are all different. Remember the adrenaline dump, if you haven’t practiced mind setting your that much further behind the eight ball.
Unfortunately following procedure and proper training didn’t line up with my morals, values, and ethics…or did they?

A man assaulting a woman or child is one of my “Go” buttons. Working security post at nightclub 2014 bartenders call me over to the front of there bar. There’s over 500 people in the club. I show up to find girl bleeding from the mouth knocked out on the floor. I look up as another bouncer arrives, I see a man dragging a women back with an arm bar around her neck, I go after them. He goes through a door that’s off limits, it leads into a hallway where the office is and I tell him to take his hands off of her but he keeps walking backwards with the woman, she was trying to resist him.

Was she the one that knocked the other girl out? Probably…Was he with her trying to hold her back or was he retaliating for girl who was knocked out? Should I have waited for back up before pursuing this guy down a hallway by myself? Maybe.

Like all these scenarios everything happens very fast and a decision has to be made.
I went after the guy. My goal was to get him to release the girl, we could sort things out later. My tunnel vision said, “Guy assaulting girl. Go!”

Did I know three or four of his friends came through that door behind me down that hallway? No. Did I got dropped from a sucker punch from the rear left side? Yes…

I still got up and hit the first guy I saw in front of me, by that time my team was there and hemmed these guys up…
The girl was his sister according to the police report. They all lied and said I was the aggressor. He was trying to protect his sister.

Broken lower orbital (eye socket) and broken nose, surgery ($21,900).
Another night in the life of a meathead bouncer! ‪#‎Americankravmaga‬


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