How do I get started as a bouncer?


Response by Clint Overland


1. Get a CPR and first aid certification.
2. Attend any class you can on Use of Force.
3. Make friends with the police academy instructors. Ghost any class they will let you.
4. Make sure you have a lawyer on retainer.
5. Retain a prepaid bail bondsman.
6. Have your 6 covered by individuals who know what to do if you are arrested.

Know Your Environment

7. Get to know your staff, your bar / nightclub
8. Get to know your regulars.
9. Know what applies to the situation that you find yourself in. Each place is different and each night is new.
10. Get to know any local cops or lawyers that hang out at the bar that can either make or break you as a witness.
11. Make friends with the other hard men in the bar you never know when they may save your life.

While on the Job

12. Don’t be cocky, be confident. There is a huge difference between the two.
13. Have manners and be courteous. Be respectful until it’s time to be hard.
14. Know the difference between being an asshole and a hard man.
15. Learn how to read the crowd.
16. Learn how to read individual body language.
17. Trust your instincts about people.
18. Learn to read situations and identify the tells/signs/indicators as they occur
19. You are in a huge poker/chess match. You need to be thinking 4 moves ahead.

Reality Check

20. If you are not willing to do the above nineteen steps, find a new profession.

Comment by Erik Kondo

While Clint’s 20 Steps is directed at professional security, many of concepts apply to regular people in ordinary life. His 20 Steps can be divided into three stages of Prevention (before you get started), Intervention (while on the job), and Mitigation (dealing with the aftermath of an event).

Knowing your environment, understanding body language, tells/signs/indicators, and trusting your instincts all apply to everyone.

Comment by Clint Overland

On trusting your instincts
If you spend enough time with people actively trying to kill/hurt you you on a nightly basis your instincts develop. Also your instincts are actually pretty good if you see what you are looking at and hear what you are listening to. One thing I recomend to people is to PAY ATTENTION, look for ripples in the ebb an flow of life around you. If something or someone makes you nervous then trust that feeling. Your subconscious will key off certain things that your active mind doesn’t pay attention to.

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