What are 10 things I need to know about criminals?

Response by Teja Van Wicklen

Things to know about a criminal’s potential assets:

Size matters. The Statistics Say Your Assailant is most likely to be Male. Men tend to be bigger and stronger which means more than just weight, it means limb length, and height – things that give him greater leverage. Even a man roughly the same size as you is likely to have more muscle mass in key places and denser bones.

Boys learn physical skills like punching, running and climbing earlier than girls do, and they don’t wear skirts or fancy shoes that inhibit them from playing at unscheduled times.

Boys learn teamwork and strategy early on and use it more often in life.
Can your family think and work like a team in an emergency?

Criminals play with fewer rules than you do.

Where your brain stops at right and wrong, a criminal mind keeps going.

Criminals are singularly focused on a specific goal with the ability to exclude thoughts of consequences.

Criminals carry weapons.
So it’s always safer to assume there’s going to be a weapon introduced at some point.

Criminals work in pairs or gangs.
It raises the odds in their favor.

A Criminal chooses you as carefully as you might choose a doctor for your newborn.

Most Criminals don’t adhere to the same social mores that we do.
That means the same behavior that says, “I’m available” to one person, may mean, “I’m a victim” to another.

There are two types of Criminal: Resource and Process. Resource Criminals want something you have or are standing in the way of. Process Criminals enjoy the process of getting something and tend to be more dangerous since you can’t just give them what they want.

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