Campfire Chat #1 with Rory Miller, Kathy Jackson, and Toby Cowern

Rory, Kathy, and Toby discuss a number of issues dealing with self-defense and survival instruction and training.

QUESTION #1: What got you into teaching?

]QUESTION #2: What place does online learning have in self-defense and survival training?

QUESTION #3: What are some of your frustrations you encounter teaching an/or in the industry of teaching?

QUESTION #4: What are some of the highlights and rewards of teaching?

QUESTION #5: What are some tips, advice, or concepts you would like to pass on to aspiring instructors?

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  1. This was amazing! Great information for those of us just starting out teaching classes.

    It was mentioned that having the technical skills is not enough to teach a good class, but having teaching skills is of immense importance.

    I would love to hear what teaching skills and techniques you have all found to be the most beneficial! Maybe a topic for the next Campfire Chat?

    Thanks to all of you for this excellent information!

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