Q&R: What Are Some Every Day Carry Considerations? – Terry Trahan


Being in the online Self Defense/weapons world, I have read  time and again countless EDC (every day carry) threads, where  people list or post pics of what they carry on their person everyday.

Now, I am not going to get sanctimonious, and berate people for  carrying excessive amounts of gear, but really, do you carry it  for a purpose other than the cool factor? Do you know how to use what you carry, can you access it in enough time for it to make a difference and be useful? I carry, by some peoples standards, alot of gear, but you know what? It is all thought out, includes  emergency medical and survival items, that I know how to use.
Plus, yes, I carry weapons that compliment my style of fighting.

Just remember, only buy and carry things you know how to use, and don’t buy things because someone says it’s cool, or the latest greatest. EDC should and must be personal, not groupthink based, use your brain,
study what you may need, and make good choices.


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