Gear review: The Sakit fighting knife – Terry Trahan

20160617_124937The Sakit is one of the best self defense knives I have had. Made by JB Knife & Tool out of Texas;, also available on Facebook and Instagram, it is a small fixed blade, designed in the reverse edge manner, meaning when the knife is held in forward grip, the edge is up, and when in reverse grip, the edge faces in, the opposite of a normal knife. I have written many times as to why I use and teach this method, so I won’t go into it in this review, but needless to say, I highly recommend it, and this knife is one of the best in this style I have held or used.

The materials used on my model are G10 for the handle and AEB-L steel, with a Rockwell hardness of 60, meaning it will hold an edge very well, and stand up to a good amount of use. They also make it in 1095 carbon steel, and that model has a Rockwell of 58. The sheath is a small, minimalist kydex clamshell sheath, perfect for horizontal centerline carry. It arrived with a length of paracord set up as a static cord carry. In order to better fit me, I removed this, and replaced it with a Snap-the Dot loop, which are usually used on holsters. I prefer this method of attachment, as it is more secure for my way of carrying and drawing the knife, but the way it ships is immediately usable and good to go.

One of the reasons I say it is one of the best self defense knives is one simple reason, it is available with a matching drone trainer with its own sheath, so you can have an exact replica of your knife for training. This is something that needs to be done more, and I was very excited to see this offered. It also shows that the makers, Brian Moreland and John Stubbs are dedicated to their craft, and training.


In speaking with Brian, I asked for the background of the knife, why he chose to bring this model out. It was an interesting look into the thinking and consultation that goes on behind a great design.

In short, Brian designed the knife as a SD/carry knife for his wife. He consulted with several people, including Mike Blackgrave and SouthNarc for both design input and method of usage. He definitely has a winner in this one, and it is a highly instinctual knife to use.

I would highly recommend getting this knife, and checking out the other offerings they have, from the Pik, which is a more full size fighter, to their bushcraft and friction folding knives.

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