Q&R: What Are Some Knife Carry Considerations? – Terry Trahan

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A lot of times,I am asked for advice on carrying a knife for Self Defense.

I personally think a knife is a great tool/weapon,and can be used for many different things.

I also believe,after years of this kind of thing,that much care and thought should be put into the selection,carry,and use of a knife,long before you belt one on,or clip it to your pocket.

I am not going to get into the specifics of mentallity, how to dice someone 27 times in a second,or any of that,there are plenty of other resources for that. What I want to talk about is more intrinsic,almost organic.

How does the knife want to be carried and used?I personally favor small,some would say very small,fixed blades.I can carry a few in different places,and be comfortable.I admit,my knives are custom made for how I carry them,but that is not necessary.

With my LaGriffes,which I rotate,1 screams for neck carry,that is how to get the most comfortable draw,the quickest,and where it fits.Another of the Griffes is made for pocket carry,strong side,or weak.It fits a pocket better,the weight and balance is not optimal for neck carry,and it screams out of the sheath.

Now,I have others,and some clipped folders,bit the point is,experiment,play with the knife,where does it feel best,where do you feel comfortable carrying it?Where is it quicker to draw,etc. Play around with this for awhile,get it down,and then don’t change the carry position,ever!It must be more than habit to draw the knife,for it to do you any good,so find where it should go,and leave it there.

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