Look Up and Focus on What Really Matters. – Terry Trahan



Still so much angst, tantrums, and unrest going on. People are still alienating each other, and keep inventing new ways to enforce their differences and sense of superiority.

Insults, memes, snarky posts, from anyone, do not change minds, it just reinforces the bullshit that keeps all the problems going, growing and eating at us. It is what it is, and this will not change.

Here’s something to ponder. Do you have shelter and food? Do you have friends and tribe? If yes, cling to them, be with them, and keep growing, learning, improving.

If you don’t have those, work on getting them, maybe reach out for help. In the long run, these things are much more important than anything on the macro.

If you have these things, reach out, be the help. And if you have these things, do you have health, strength, mental strength, and knowledge? Work on these, reach out, and help others get them also.

The most important things are these, and the development of them. It is important to help others make these things happen in their lives.

It is easier to focus on the externals, because it does not require being critical of yourself, of myself, but the internals are where life is won or lost.

Love is the greatest gift.

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