Never Assume – Clint Overland


When you’re faced with a situation, do not ever assume a damned thing. That guy that you think is a good and upstanding civilian might just be the first one to break a bottle and rip you from your balls to your brisket. Then you’ve got to figure out how to hold your intestines in while he tries to cut your throat. Some of the most violent and crazy people you will ever deal with are wearing nice clothes and smiling while palming a knife to bleed you.

Approach every situation like it could be your last. Courtesy and a level calm head will get you farther along than brute force. Stepping into a high stress situation needs to be done with a level of diplomacy and tact. As much as I truly hate the movie Road House, the one good thing that movie did was set a great guide line. Be nice until it’s time to not be nice.

Several months ago I had an incident where a volunteer stepped right up to the plate and started a fight in the bar that I am employed at. I told him it was time to leave and gave him an out by walking behind him. He was all complacency and smiles walking to the door, but I watched him pull a 12-inch knife from a back sheath. Now this wasn’t a crack head or tweaker. He was a middle class white guy with nice clothes and clean cut. As he pulled his knife, I stepped back and stuck my hand in my vest. Told him simply that he could drop the knife or my hand was coming out and I would kill him. (Now, it’s illegal to carry any weapon into a bar in the state of Texas so we all know I was bluffing – RIGHT! )

He backed away slowly and let the knife fall. Then he smiled at me and walked away. Been on the watch for him ever since. Could have assumed he was a good person that had to good a time and gotten killed for my own stupidity . Still waiting for him to settle the score.People are stupid , they think that it is personal when its not, it just business. If things are personal for a Violence Professional then they will never see it coming at them . So be safe be smart and never assume that the ones you are dealing with aren’t deadly.

COMMENT by Erik Kondo

1. This is a DETER stage in terms of the 5D’s of Self-Defense – DECIDE– DETER-DISRUPT-DISENGAGE-DEBRIEF
It deals with using your awareness and emitting a message to deter a potential conflict from happening.

2. This is also a 2nd Dimensional category (Awareness) in terms of the Multi-Dimensional Paradigms of Self-Defense

3. In terms of the Security Trio of RESPECT, COMMUNICATION, and ENFORCEMENT, the combination of Communication backed up by threat of Enforcement was enough to create Respect for the Rules.

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