On Being a “Manly” Man – Terry Trahan


I started reading an article this morning, which lead me to search for more on the same subject.
The subject was being a “manly man” and decrying the pathetic state of masculinity these days. Now, there is some truth in what they are saying. But really guys?

First, you sound like the old guys that sit around, drinking weak coffee saying;”Back in my day…”.
Second, you have no grasp of history. Hell, most of you have no grasp of the english language and grammar, which doesn’t help your cause.

History is replete with sharp divisions and different groups. You complain about skinny jeans and metrosexuals, as I do occasionally, but you think it’s the end of manhood. Did you forget about dandies, fops, or any of the other labels put on “fancy men” throughout history, and yet we’re still here.

You guys seem to think beards, hunting, country living and shit like that makes a man. Hmmmm, pardon me, but people have lived in cities for millenia, and engaged in commerce for sustenance for at least that long. Beards, they make the man, I don’t recall seeing many beards on the guys who pulled off D-Day. Beards are your version of the man bun, it’s fashion. Shut up. If that’s how you judge a “man” you won’t cut it in my tribe.

Quit whining, be the best person you can be, if you’re masculine, right on, we need you. But we also need poets, cooks, musicians, authors and craftsmen of all sorts. Stop being so weak that you are challenged by someone who views life different from you.

After all, that is what most of you complain about, how people view you…

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