Paid to Win: An Interview with Clint Overland by Erik Kondo


Erik – What does “paid to win” mean to you in terms of your profession?

Clint – Fighting is for amateurs. There is too much of a chance of getting hurt. You need to go into a situation with the mindset of whatever I have to do to end this quickly I will do. I cheat from the start.  No Monkey Dance. If things are going south and I can’t de-escalate the situation then I don’t play. I don’t care about shows of dominance or pride.  I do not get paid to fight. I get paid to win.

Erik – So, how do you see amateurs approach fighting and violence?

Clint – Lots of loud talk. Chest puffing and thumping. My erection is much bigger than your erection. In reality most people do not want to fight or experience violence that isn’t a one way street.  They are afraid of pain and getting hurt. With the rise of MMA, I see better conditioned guys wanting to prove how tough they are.  I see them showing more and more aggressive behavior now than ever before.  Why a violence professional cannot take the chance and has to react sooner than in the past 20 years

Erik – When you see a situation brewing with some of these MMA types in your bar, what is your strategy to deal with them?

Clint – Walk in tell them we are not doing this here gentlemen. I give them the choice of settling down or leaving.  If they don’t, I look to the lead clowns.  If they insist on their course of action, I hurt one, then the other.

Erik – When it comes to “hurting” the MMA or other tough guy, what do you do that allows you to “win”? As opposed to the amateurs?

Clint – I cheat. I kick to ankles trying to break them. Throat strikes,  cups slaps to the ear . Anything to get the advantage.  Bouncer powder to the eyes. Knuckle duster punch them in the dick. Speed equals innocence.  The quicker it’s over the better it looks on camera in case the police get called.

Plus, I set my own witness pool by priming them with what they saw.  I apologize to them and tell them how sorry I am that all of it happened in front of them. Ask them repeatedly if they saw guy A try to hit me and guy B try and get to guy A while I was dealing with guy A. it’s a mix of Neuro-linguistic programming and basic human nature to help.

Erik – I think the “cheating” concept is a fundamental strategic advantage that is misunderstood by the general public. How do you think ordinary people can apply this concept for self-defense?

Clint – Hit first, hit dirty.  Don’t worry what others think is right or wrong.  To many people think using a tool is wrong. That you need to know some secret martial art bullshit.  I stick a number 2 pencil in your neck or eye and the guy attacking me has a new set of worries.

My number 1 rule is: I Go HomeTo My Family.  Whatever it takes

Erik – It sounds like cheating should be thought of as a strategy as opposed to any particular “move” or technique.

But cheating requires a particular mindset. How do you suggest the “average” person with minimal experience with violence develop this mindset?

Clint – Be scared enough of what’s going to happen.  Think of not seeing your family again. Or someone sticking a dick in you. Killing you. If that ain’t enough to make you cheat then I can’t help you. Your the zebra that is too slow or stupid to escape.

Some folks are going to be prey no matter what they do

Erik – Many people seem to not act due to fear of the consequences of acting. i.e. making the other person “angry”. What you seem to be saying is that the person needs to be MORE afraid of NOT cheating. Agree?

Clint – Yes. One thing I get so fucking tired of is the whole victim mentality of today’s society.  You can either do whatever it takes to survive or be prey.  Look I know that complications arise when courts get involved.  But that is secondary to the moment you have to choose between your life and wellbeing and the one attacking you.

Think of it this way.  When a lion attacks its prey the prey either kicks bites scratches and does whatever it can to escape. I repeat ESCAPE.  It don’t stick around to get eaten or keep stomping the lion. Maybe the Self Defense industry needs to concentrate more on teach folks to pull their heads out of their assholes and pay attention to what’s going on around them . As well as teaching students to hit first then run the fuck away.

Erik – On the subject of Prey. It seems as if the more a person follows the social rules and norms of NOT cheating, the more likely they are unable to prevent being victimized.

On a final note, if you had to choose between dealing with a big man who follows the rules, or a woman who “cheats”, which one would you choose and why?

Clint – Big man. Women are mean.


COMMENT by Erik Kondo

Here is an example of “cheating”.


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