Pissed off about what is going on in your community, or in our country? – Terry Trahan


Part 1
Pissed off about what is going on in your community, or in our country? Want to know who to blame… look in the mirror. You, me, all of us are to blame. We allowed this bullshit to develop and grow.

Everytime you voted for the lesser of two evils. Everytime we let corporations have more influence. Everytime we let baseless accusations of bias or thought crime go unanswered years ago, we built the foundation for this crap.
Everytime we deny there is a bias problem against women or minorities. Everytime we let them blame white people. Everytime we don’t take personal responsibility. Everytime we make excuses for some punk ass of any color, we cause this to continue.

We place ourselves above society, we think we are special, different, maybe better. You’re not, neither am I. We have different abilities and skills, thoughts and feelings, but we’re just people. All of us.
Everytime we blame another group instead of just pounding it out another way, we give them more power to divide us and create chaos.

There is no white privilege or male privilege without the same number of negatives and burdens. Yes, women and minorities have serious issues, but they also have privileges that I as a white man do not.
Grow up, quit whining, quit destroying, quit hating, quit blaming.
Start living, start talking, start being responsible to yourself, your tribe, and your nation.

Start sharing, quit taking.
Start creating, quit breaking.
Above all, realize that life is unfair. There will always be problems. Part of being smart, part of being mature, is working through them without throwing tantrums and breaking shit.
Did ya’ll forget the responsibilities that come with rights?

Part 2
Talking the other day with Marc MacYoung, we discussed the concept of uber-tribe, and this is an important model to look at.

In my life, my priorities are my wife, my tribe and family, myself. They are who I am responsible to and who matters. I am grateful to live in this country, and the opportunities afforded me due to that fact, but my tribe is where my loyalties lie. I think many of us are like that, but don’t realize it.

Another problem is of definition.

Many people, especially on the Left, say they want tolerance. But they don’t, they want celebration and special recognition. Tolerance means I leave you alone. It doesn’t mean I have to like what you are or do.
Sometimes being quiet is the best I can do. So be careful, because if you push it and call me a bigot, or worse, get in my face, my insulting you is the least you have to worry about.

Grow up, the more outside the mainstream you are, the more you have to expect to be treated as an outsider.
Counter-culture used to mean outside the dominant culture. It was understood you removed yourself from the norm.
Now, counter-culturists want to be able to say fuck you to society, but rely on society to support them and protect them. If that seems stupid and fucked up, that’s because it is. You cannot have it both ways.
Remember, tolerance means being left alone, not agreed with or coddled.

Being hurt or angry and destroying things is called a tantrum when a child does it. Why do you think it’s acceptable to do it as an adult. In case you didn’t know, that shit is a felony, and could get you shot by a lot of people.
Keep pushing, keep insulting, keep destroying, and you are going to break the thin wall that keeps society from reacting and defending itself. I’m not talking government, I mean ‘We the People’. When that happens, it will be a nightmare. I hope you realize this, and stop your shit.

Do you realize how far you have pushed people, insulted them, dismissed them, and treated them the same way you claim to be against??? You are nothing more than either stupid, or a hypocrite. That can only be tolerated for so long.

I also agree that for every SJW, there is an idiot pastor trying to be the American Taliban. As I thought I put out there, I despise them both.
A big point I made, that doesn’t seem to be getting across, life isn’t fair or nice. It can suck, and it is a struggle. Instead of trying to make the world fair, get with a tribe that is fair to you.
Fuck the outside world, only be involved in it the smallest amount possible. Fairness comes from the people you chose, from your tribe. The best we can hope for is to make the world tolerable til we are with our own.

I also think that part of what is happening now is blowback or pushback against institutional failure from those we have put in power, left & right, whose policies have destroyed major necessary parts of society. I just think most people haven’t seen the enemy yet, so are lashing out blindly.

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