Q&R: What Where Your Ten Biggest Surprises in Your First Real Fight?

QUESTION: What Where Your Ten Biggest Surprises in Your First Real Fight?

ANSWERS: Clint Overland, Garry Smith




I was in 8th grade, it was spring, football was over and track season had started. We would be carried out at the end of the day to the football stadium and put through the paces of whatever the coaches decided that we would be good at. I was 14 years old 6 foot 2 and 280 lbs. of fatty teenager.

One of the varsity football players picked up my jam box that I had sitting next to my stuff at the shot put pit and walked into the locker room. I went after him shouting to give my jam box back. What I didn’t know was that a large group of football players were in the locker room waiting for anyone to come in.

They started to grab me and I got scarred and fought back. If I had just let them they would have given me a red belly and let me go. A Red Belly is when they hold you down and slap your stomach with open palms till it leaves you slightly bruised and humiliated. I didn’t let them and for my efforts got the living hell stomped out of me. Cracked ribs bruised liver, busted lips, and bloody nose. They whipped on me and stomped on me for a good five minutes till I couldn’t fight back anymore.

All in good fun right folks, all with the coaches fucking blessings, bring these boys in and teach them team building skills, show these kids what it means to be a part of a long tradition. Took me weeks to heal up and I was the one that got in trouble for going into the locker room.

So that’s my first exposure to violence towards me, sure I had a few fistfights in school but those were more of just scraps that never meant anything more than pecking order and social standing. After the ass whipping I took though, I never looked at football or coaches the same way again. It took years for me to get even with the assholes that did it and even now one of my major regrets is that I didn’t get even with all of them.




1.   I won, the fear leading up to this had me so certain I would lose that winning was a real shock, all I could see for a couple of days before was failure and ingnomy.

2.  I beat an older kid. He was a sixth former around seventeen and I was fourteen, he had been picking on me for some reason for a couple of weeks and threatening me.

3.  I stood up for myself instead of hiding behind my really hard mates. We had the toughest gang in school and I was the smallest one (third smallest in my year), the gang comedian and wit but despite the bravado, scared of real fighting.

4.  I fought dirty, I ambushed the guy on his way back into school from lunch, I stepped out from behind a wall and launched my attack.

5.  The adrenaline, I did not know this then, made me a wild man and I had to be dragged off in the end.

6.  I was capable of inflicting real damage, after punching the guy I do not know how many, he began hitting back, I got hold of his hair, pulled his head down and repeatedly kicked him in the face.

7.  My attack produced blood, quite a bit of it, this meant news of it spread like wildfire round the school and everyone knew except the staff. I was now a 5’ tall giant.

8. I was carried away by my mates like a world champion and was now really one of them, I was really in the ‘in’ crowd now.

9. I did not get hurt, the expected beating and loss had not happened, I survived, I won, I felt like a world champion.

10. I did not get caught. So I subsequently began to seek out and engage in other violent encounters and fights, the slippery slope. A journey that would take me to some dark places had begun even though I did not know it yet

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