Schalk Holloway


Schalk Holloway is the owner and lead systems developer at Kangal Defensive Systems. A private training provider offering specialized krav maga and urban personal safety solutions. Apart from the fact that he has trained and qualified to instruct in a couple of international krav maga systems, Schalk also draws on 15 years of experience in the civilian understanding, committing, intervention and resolution of violent crime incidents. Schalk is also a frequent contributor to Conflict Manager, the official publication of Conflict Research Group International.

When Schalk is not at his gym teaching others how to understand and defend against violent crime, he can also be found offering training for and in conjunction with two closely associated companies – Venture Forth International and Wild Medix. Both leading training providers in their respective industries. These companies touch on two of his other passions: His love for mountains and off trail mountain navigation and exploration, as well as his passion for understanding and assisting in treating trauma related wounds and injuries.


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