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A violent attack can be detected before it occurs by learning to notice various signals. There are steps you can take to disarm an attack at various stages before it occurs. These are not exciting superhero techniques for thwarting crime. They are logical, well-researched, methodical ways of taking yourself and your loved ones off a criminals radar.

On Preparation
To Deter By Preparation means to have forethought. It means you have not just left everything up to chance. To be prepared means to feel secure that bases are covered.

The Best Place to Start

Know your lifestyle. Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Where am I: Do I work in an office? out of a car? From home? Do I travel a lot? Which are the places I spend the majority of my time?

2. What Are My Most Urgent Responsibilities: Am I responsible for anyone else? A child? Children? Aging parent?

3. Who Am I: What kind of personality do I have? Slow moving or fast? A multi-tasker? Am I methodical? Easily distracted?

There is much more in depth work you can do. But this is a great start. Armed with this information you can now take the 4 or 5 situations you most often find yourself in and Create a Safety Zone.

For Example, If You Are:

1. Someone who works from home and doesn’t go out much
2. has a toddler in day care, and
3. tends to be a multi-tasker and a bit scattered – You know that…

Your home Should Be A Safety Zone. You should have good locks on all windows and doors. Sounds intuitive, but check your window locks and you’ll find some that are really easy to break or almost never locked. I guarantee it. It should be easy for you to get out several ways, but not easy for someone to enter without making a lot of noise.

Really your home should always be a safety zone, but during the day some of us leave doors open while were napping or chatting on the phone because we consider the daytime a non-dangerous period. Wrong. We always get too complacent in the places we are most comfortable in. And every criminal knows this!

Your Daycare Should Be A Safety Zone. Does your daycare have cameras at the door and in the rooms? Does the door always lock behind you? Do they have written and practiced protocols for emergencies? Are the background checks on their teachers thorough? Some of this you can do yourself online, some are questions you need to ask.

You Need To Create A Safety Zone In Your Mind With Pre-Arranged Decisions. As a busy, nervous, multi-tasker you are prone to distraction. You are likely to be walking when on the phone and to forget the little things. So you must train yourself to never look distracted even when you are! (People who look lost, open themselves up to outside interference.

Pre-decide that it’s okay to ask for help if you need it. This way you choose the helper, the helper with an agenda doesn’t choose you.) Pre-decide to lock doors and windows when home, and to lock your car door as soon as you get in. This way there are fewer spur-of-the-moment decisions that fall by the wayside and are left up to chance.

So now you understand how to begin creating a Preparatory Plan. This should be the first step in any self-defense program. Create a buffer of Security between you and any potential breach of your space no matter where you are.


COMMENT by Erik Kondo

In terms of the 5D’s of Self-Defense, I consider these to be all DECIDE concepts that involve before event Preparation.

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