The Difference Between a Doorman and a Bouncer – Clint Overland


A doorman’s first job is customer service. He needs to have a good personality. He needs to be able to make the judgment call on whether or not a person is sober enough to come into the bar or nightclub. He needs to be able to remember the regular’s names and the names of the women who accompany them.

Bar and nightclubs sell good times or maybe just the illusion of a good time. The doorman’s main responsibility is to control the flow into that realm.

A bouncer’s job is primarily to protect the owner’s interest. This is done by to keeping the party under control and maintaining a level of sanity and safety.

He or she is a director in a live action production of One Flew over The Cuckoo’s Nest, starring a bunch of intoxicated primates.
A bouncer makes sure that the customers have to be the safe place to run to. He is the one person that maintains order and control. Doormen help maintain that order by controlling who or what comes into the establishment.

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