THE SUCKER PUNCH SERIES – Bouncing in Oakland


Trevor Latham at the East Bay Motorcycle Club

Kewesi Simon


Sucker Punch is an ongoing series where East Bay Rats President, Trevor Latham and KESFITNESS owner Kewesi Simon talk about their combined 35 years experience as bouncers in Oakland California, and the physical and psychological techniques used to keep themselves safe while guarding the bar, as well as, interviewing various bouncers in Oakland, CA.


The Episodes


beer bottle#1. Working alone is not the same as working with a team. Learn what to do when you are the sole security for your establishment.






#2. How do you get someone to leave your bar without using violence? Here are some tactics that work.







#3. Hear about what happens when things go wrong from a bouncer with 30 years of experience.





stomp#4. Learn about the dangers of the “justified” mob and why you don’t want to go to the ground in a bar.





 door#5. Learn from Marc MacYoung why controlling the door is the key to protecting your establishment.





empathy#6. Empathy can be a useful tool for bouncing. Learn how to use it from Marc MacYoung.






goldclub7 #7. What happens when some brings a gun to a strip club? Marc MacYoung tells a personal story.





bar#8. Listen as Marc MacYoung provides valuable advice to bouncers and bar owners.






sucker punch#9. How do you avoid the sucker punch? Marc MacYoung explains what you need to know.





prison-guards-fight-club-feat-807x600#10. Ever wanted to work in prison security? Rory Miller tells you some of his experiences.






pepper spray#11. Hear Rory Miller talk about what happened in prison use of force incident using lots and lots of pepper spray.






#12. Rory explains his personal feelings on “fear” working in his profession.





punch2#13. Ever been sucker punched? Listen to Rory’s story.






costume#14. What’s the difference between wearing clothing or a costume? Rory explains.






bouncers  #15. Hear some of Rory’s advice for those in the violence industry.







#16. Learn about struggling with “demons” in the violence industry.








#17. Rory talks about his use of intuition and use of violence.







#18. Have a favorite Go-to-Move? Rory explains and demonstrates his.







#19. Meet Ed Calderon of Ed’s Manifesto. A Mexican security specialist.







20#20. Ed talks about what to look for to avoid violence in Mexico.






21#21. Listen to Ed as he relates the story of one of the worst prison riots in Mexico.





22#22. Watch Ed demonstrate his favorite Go-to-Move.







#23. Learn how Ed deals with his “demons”.






metallica#24. Terry fights multiple people to the beat of Metallica.






club-bouncer#25. Learn some tips on de-escalating situations before they turn violent.






Murphys-law#26. Hear about when everything went wrong for Terry.






demon3#27.  Learn how Terry deals with his demons.






black-gang#28. Terry provides some insight on dealing with gangs.






terry2#29.  See Terry’s Go-To-Move and learn why he uses it.



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