Thoughts from Darkside – Clint Overland


1. See a guy in a wheelchair and I want to rob him. Easiest way is smash him with a brick from behind.

2. Woman walking down the street walk by her bum rush her head first into a wall an take what I want.

3. Big guy walking by know he’s got cash . Head shot with a pipe or brass knuckles from behind.

4. 2 women walking dark street come up behind them hit the one one the left then the one on the right use a figure 8 swing.

5. Guy flashing cash at the bar watch for him to piss smash his face into the urinal an take his money.

6. Stalker watches you knows your habits patterns and rhythms. He waits for your lull when you don’t pay attention. Then behind you with a sap behind the ear, he takes you out either does whatever there or moves you to his rape cave.

7.  Guy spends years studying . Ninja stuff , lock picking, chemistry, rope and knots, has a fucked up fantasy life that your a part of. He watches every thing you do. Goes through your trash knows you (his version) . Knows your kids your family . Patently he plots and waits. Gonna get you an make you his. You will make a wrong move one time and he will wait till then . That’s the scary part you don’t know whose radar you pinged.

8. Family out for a shopping spree . Man walks up point s a gun at child . Give me everything . Makes the kid walk with him as he backs away. You move wrong the kid is dead.

9. Couple walking I want her . Wait till they pass a dark spot. Crush his skull after clubbing her, shes the noise maker. Oh she will make enough noise late. Gotta get rid of him, he is the fighter.

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