What are the different types of “freezes”?

  Response by Rory Miller I’m going to try to integrate what Marc and I have been saying. It may be simpler than we thought. Three concepts first: The three stages of a fight; Fight-Flight-Freeze-Posture-Submit (FFFPS); and predatory versus social violence. Three Stages: Being on the receiving end of an unexpected attack you will go … [Read more…]

How are fear and threat assessments related?

  Response by Erik Kondo After Earth: Fear is a Choice Fear is a common emotion. Fear of violence is also a common emotion in most people. Fear can be beneficial when it keeps you safe in certain situations. This is Situational Fear. But when fear is ongoing or not based on an actual and … [Read more…]

What are some signs of adrenaline?

Response by Rory Miller Most people can’t fight ‘cold’. They need the emotional edge of fear or anger to get over the taboos involved in hurting people. Not everyone, but almost everyone. Even very experienced fighters, whether good guys or bad guys, want to be “in the zone” just like any other athlete. Part of … [Read more…]

How does the fear response effect me?

Response by Kathy Jackson On the Cornered Cat Facebook page, I linked to a very personal story of one woman’s experience with violence. It’s an ugly story, and a compelling one. It’s from Limatunes, and in it, she explains what happened to her shortly after her 18th birthday. You really need to read the whole thing, but here’s a short … [Read more…]

What is Fear Management vs. Danger Management?

Response by Marc MacYoung Let’s start with the fact that there’s a difference between fear management and danger management. I’m talking in extremes here, but it’s to communicate an idea. Let’s say you’re terrified of vampires. No amount of rational explanation that vampires don’t exist and aren’t a danger is going to help. That’s because … [Read more…]