What if my student says “I can’t”?

Response by Kathy Jackson There’s a sentence I don’t like to hear people use in my classes. Actually, I hate it. Hate it so much that I used to stop them from saying it. The sentence is, “I can’t.” I can’t hit the target from here. I can’t shoot as fast as you’re asking me … [Read more…]

Can you teach self-defense if you haven’t ‘been there?”

Response by Marc MacYoung I am often asked that question. Can someone who hasn’t spent years fighting teach you anything about self-defense?  Well aside from the first glaring error that fighting is not self-defense, the answer is “It depends.” It depends on something very specific. Below is my answer to someone who asked this very question.**********The answer … [Read more…]

How do I choose a self-defense instructor?

Response by Rory Miller Best I can do is give some general advice. This is generic and you can get it from most qualified and knowledgeable instructors. 1) Decide why you want to train and how much you want to invest in time, money and effort. SD is a goal that involves trade-offs. You approach … [Read more…]

Do I need instructor development?

Response in the form of the Rory Miller’s upcoming book. Section 1: The Unique Problem of Self-Defense Section 1.1: Rarity Section 1.2 An Open, Not a Closed System Section 1.3 Surprise, Fear and Speed Section 1.4 The Problem is Longitudinal Section 1.5 The Problem Exists in the Real World Section 1.6 You are Teaching Students, … [Read more…]

What is “principle based” teaching?

Response by Rory Miller Largely this will be a draft of an article for Conflict Manager Online Magazine. I’ve been doing a four part series there, the last three are the steps towards application (deriving your principles, a touch of adult learning theory, stuff like that.) So, background– You have to know your principles, understand … [Read more…]