What are some principles for throwing someone?

Response by Rory Miller Going to try to capture the thought I woke up with this morning. It was about sacrifice throws, sutemi waza, and how many principles they illustrate. I just thought about linking to a video, but this is kinesthetic, and video doesn’t show the most important stuff. Principle: Balance. The essence of … [Read more…]

What is the “Golden Move?

Response by Rory Miller My standard for any combative motion, for a long time, has been the Golden Move: Every single motion should: Injure the threat Protect yourself Improve your position Worsen the threat’s position That’s every single motion. Because it is easier to teach, many martial artists learned to strike (injure the threat) or … [Read more…]

How can I generate more power?

Response by Marc MacYoung When it comes to having powerful punches, a whole lot of what you know ‘ain’t so.’ Or to be more precise, odds are you’re trying to fly a one-winged airplane. Quite frankly most people need to be less concerned with generating more power than they need to focus on losing less … [Read more…]

What do I need to know about power generation?

Response by Rory Miller Power generation is one of the big mysteries. It seems that every time I get a handle on it, feel confident that I can explain what makes a hard hit hard, how to wallop somebody good, some joker comes along and shows me an entirely new way to hit hard. Over … [Read more…]

How do I handle a haymaker punch?

Response by Marc MacYoung The simple answer is ‘See it coming and move.’ The not so simple answer is I just finished writing a 150 page e-book that covers this subject. It will be available next month. It’s called “Writing Violence IV: Defense” and it will be available for a whopping $2.99. I specifically go … [Read more…]

Is punching effective?

Response by Marc MacYoung I was asked about my position about punching (alone) being an ineffective attack. As in “But doesn’t it cause damage?” My first response… *** A punch alone. No. There are many other factors that can cause the body to give way before something breaks.This is why punching alone is considered a … [Read more…]