Is there any logic to the use of violence?

Response by Rory Miller When we do Logic of Violence it starts with the Violence Dynamics talk. The Maslow perspective. This gives us motivations for violence– fear (Survival level); Stuff (resource predator, Security level on Maslow); the social motivations (status-membership-territory-protocols); or pleasure (process predators, Self-actualized on Maslow.) The next is understanding the violent people have … [Read more…]

What are some kinds of violence?

Response by Marc MarcYoung “If you want to make peace, you don’t talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies. “ – Moshe Dayan Although it is not popular idea (especially among ‘urban warriors,’ people obsessed with winning and anyone who wants to believe they can say and do anything without repercussions), the raw … [Read more…]

What is Asocial Violence?

  Response by Rory Miller I’m going to explore some of the different mindsets of violence. In addition to the social classifications, there are three asocial types that I want to hit: the severely disturbed; those in great need; and those who enjoy acts of violence. These mindsets are important to understand. They are not … [Read more…]

What is Social Violence?

Response by Rory Miller Like most predatory species, humans have two distinctive modes of violence. These modes are qualitatively different on many levels—emotionally, intellectually, how they are carried out and even the common effect. Like other mammals, humans simple don’t use the same skills on our own kind that we use on food. A schoolyard … [Read more…]

What is Rory Miller’s model of violence dynamics?

Response by Rory Miller Violence is used for specific purposes.  As such, it has its own logic.  Incidents of violence are chaotic because you have multiple people in an adrenalized state that is unfamiliar to at least one of them.  It’s not that violence doesn’t have rules, it’s that you likely don’t know them. Remember, … [Read more…]

What are some common questions on violence dynamics?

Response by Rory Miller Question: I am a woman, why should I care about Violence Dynamics? Answer: Violence and conflict are pervasive and often oppressive facts of the human condition. It behooves everyone to understand the parts of the world that can harm. Knowledge is power. One of the biggest dangers, for all people, is … [Read more…]