What’s wrong with women’s self-defense?

Response by Teja Van Wicklen Part I Let’s admit it, women’s self defense is old and tired, it can’t take care of itself, let alone anyone else. What ails it? A dependence on ancient techniques? A blind spot in society? A disconnect between teacher and student? Reluctance to go back to the drawing board?  Or … [Read more…]

How do I “proactively” avoid rape?

Response by Marc MacYoung and Diana Gordon MacYoung *WARNING* On this Page, our goal is not damage control, it is prevention. There are many organizations and groups who will help a woman who has been raped with putting her life back together and dealing with rape trauma syndrome (a form of PTSD). They will also … [Read more…]

How do I deal with low level prevs, creeps, and harassers?

Wecome to CRGI’s page for helping women deal with low level predators, creeps, harassers, and other manipulative people. Anna talks about how to deal with creepers and low-level pervs which she calls “Cock Roaches”.        Marc explains how politeness helps you deal with difficult people – before you have to throw them out … [Read more…]