Tristan Chermack

Tristran Chermack

The desire to learn the arts self-defense and self-protection brought me to martial arts at a young age, where I came to discover that they are different things entirely. I also discovered that the martial arts world had evolved into an entity unto itself without much applicability to violence and combat. My thirst to better understand all aspects of the language of conflict led me to intensive study of not only martial arts, but psychology, warfare, strategy, history, combat sports, body language, criminology, and many other topics.

My path has crossed with many professionals each of whom I have
endeavored to learn from: martial artists, fighters, police officers,
soldiers, bouncers, and security personnel. I’m interested in reality
not fads or clichés, and believe that one never stops being a student.

Since 2011, I have taught aikido at my dojo in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. I am also a certified firearms instructor. I continue to learn and train with many diverse arts, with particular interest in the efficient and practical techniques which virtually every art contains but has been
mostly lost to time.

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