Video Review of Bouncer Dynamics – Clint Overland


Watch the video here.

This is an example of someone knowing how and when to hit vs someone that cant hit properly(bad power generation and body movement) Also it is a great example of Group Monkey Dance.

The Big bouncer has relied on strength and size as an intimidation factor if you watch him hit the guy in the side of the head it is slow and ponderous with bad targeting and only shoulder power not really good at all. But I bet he is hell on wheels when he gets hold of you.

Now the smaller bouncer knows how and when to hit , the bullshit has escalated and it is time to get it on. Quick jab on the first one , not a huge amout of power but more of a set up for something later. The next time he hits the second guy his body weight is behind it and it is targeted correctly.

I don’t like punching to the head , too easy to break things in your own hand, but a palm strike or open hand slap over the ear works almost as well with practice.

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