Welcome to CRGI by Terry Trahan

I just wanted to come on here, and welcome you to CRGI.

CRGI is dedicated to creating an unimpeachable source for pertinent, accurate information on all aspects of conflict management. That is our mission. But how did it come about, and why us?

Well, the idea started by Garry Smith and Rory Miller, and what resulted was a gathering of the people Rory would use to organize a college level course on violence and conflict. So basically, Rory created a supergroup. We all had our own thing going on, and still do, but we are all dedicated to our mission above, and are working together to get it done.

Take a look here to see the Board Members of CRGI;

You’ll see that we are all different, but are all very experienced, and want to share our experience in order to make life safer and easier. We run the gamut from ex-CO’s to former bouncers and outlaws, to mothers and business professionals. What we have is a unique outlook that lends itself to melding outlooks and experiences too make sure that we are doing our best to put out good, current information, and not just being an echo chamber.

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