Why You Should Not Talk to the Police – Clint Overland


1. Do you have any idea how many people hang themselves because of the adrenaline dump. They can’t shut the fuck up. Confession is good for the soul, but better for the prosecution.

2. Bet your last dollar that the cops are not on your side, they are there to gather evidence to use against you.

3. If its an election year you are now a harden criminal and a danger to society. Basic civics is no longer at play. It is about wins for the DA’s office not ensuring justice is served.

4. Have you groomed the witness pool , probably not. Did you do anything to put them on your side. Nope. Do you know how to convey to the police what happened without incriminating yourself? Nada. You are now playing by a set of rules that you more than likely have never dealt with. Every thing you do from this point on determines your life.


1. This is a DEBRIEF stage in terms of the 5D’s of Self-Defense – DECIDE- DETER-DISRUPT-DISENGAGE-DEBRIEF
It deals with minimizing the negative consequences after an event has occurred.

2. This is also a 4th Dimensional category (Legal Considerations) in terms of the Multi-Dimensional Paradigms of Self-Defense

3. Here is a two part video series that explains why it is a bad idea to talk to the police. Part I & Part II.

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