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#thinkingthursday #CRGITerryTrahan

I think it's time for a little participation here. As I stated in the post about Garry's article, I consider imagination and resiliency as two of the most important things in conflict management and surviving life.
What would your top 5 list look like? We would be very interested in seeing it.

#conflictmanager #weaselcraft #whatittakes

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On the surface, this just looks like mass chaos, and a brutal type of fun.
But if you look at it, it is also a way of training, and inoculating oneself to violence. As Rory Miller says, humans are animals, and animals learn best by play.
What other ways of play can be helpful in violence or self defense?

#crgi #conflictmanager #CRGIRoryMiller #playingislearning

This is the most brutal sport in history

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The meaning of life is living, the rest is details.
#crgi #conflictmanager #winningmindset

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DEEP Concealment: Concealed Fighting Pistol 1 and 2

August 12, 2017, 9:00am - August 13, 2017, 4:00pm

Varg Freeborn of One Life Defense presents: DEEP Concealment. A course on the deeper considerations and skill sets of self-defense with a concealed pistol. Concealment isn't just hiding a weapon. It has more to do with your capabilities as a whole. With practice it can give you the advantage, or buy you the time, necessary to win a fight. Most criminal attacks begin with some level of ambush, here you will learn the importance of concealment in the counter-ambush. This will be a 2 day Working from Concealment course covering every aspect of concealment, from attitude and methods of full concealment to gear, clothing and weapons technique. Emphasis will be placed on dealing with civilian public spaces and techniques primarily employed against violent criminals in close, ambush-style attacks. Lectures will also cover concealment from the criminal perspective, and it will change the way you think about the enemy. 2 Days, $300 per student covers tuition for both days THERE IS A $25 PER DAY RANGE FEE DUE DIRECTLY TO THE RANGE UPON ARRIVAL NOT INCLUDED IN COURSE TUITION Course will be extensive lectures, limited hands-on and live-fire Advanced Firearms Safety (with an emphasis on controlling a firearm in public around innocents) Holster positioning/ Draw stroke/ Reholstering Introduction to Use of Cover/Concealment Introduction to thinking in a chaotic environment Weapon Manipulation Weapon Malfunction Clearing Carrying a Loaded Weapon Concealed Concealment of Weapons, Capabilities, Intentions Drills and Scenarios for the concealed carry citizen Introduction to Fighting Footwork in the public environment Moving with a low signal What the Criminal knows about concealment Fighting Mindset and Concealment Mindset Aftermath of Lethal Force for the CCW citizen Legal requirements of Self-Defense Course requirements: Current Concealed Handgun License Liability Waiver, U.S. Citizenship and have no State or Federal prohibitions of owning or possessing firearms Suitable handgun for duty, home defense or carry Quality holster with a muzzle down orientation.The holster should also be of a rigid material that does not close when the gun comes out Concealment clothing (whatever your daily wear is) Quality belt to secure the holster At least one single magazine carrier (or magazine stuffed in your pocket if that is how you truly carry it) Minimum 2 magazines (3 recommended) Ballistic eye pro Electronic ear pro 600 Rounds of Ammunition Limit 20 seats There are Standards to meet by the end of the course. It is not a pass or fail, but an opportunity to earn a Certificate of Training will be provided for you by the end of the course. Register on the website, at which time you will receive directions and specific instructions for the class. Registration can be found here: www.onelifedefense.com/register-for-a-class-faq

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Never mistake fear for danger, but equally, never try to think danger is just a manifestation of fear.

#conflictmanager #fearmanagement #dangermitigation

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#crgiRoryMiller #violenceisgolden

Just a reminder from Rory Miller.
Sometimes, violence is the answer.


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#crgiTammyYardMcCracken #thinkingthursday

conflictresearchgroup Summer "dress" knife carry option. No pockets, no waistband solution A-
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#thinkingthursday #crgiTobyCowern

Just because you can doesn't mean you should...
Tragically these folks will never know, accept or truly acknowledge how dangerous a situation they were in. Sadly, in this case I put the blame firmly with their 'guide'.
Now this is a great example of commercial pressure. I encounter this constantly in the outdoors industry and frequently see it in the MA/SD communities as well.
The need for guides and instructors to 'make money' leads to poor but popular decisions being made, and incrementally expose their clients/students to increasing risks. Like the 'boiling frog' analogy, once you've started on this path, the risk exposure keeps increasing until you one day end up at the inevitable 'how did we get here/this happen' moment...
It's an easy trend to recognize and avoid if you allow yourself to 'see' it.
It greatly pays to regular take a 'step back' and ask what risks are you being exposed to in training and more importantly why...?

#riskmanagement #boundarysetting #conflictmanager #crgi

OMG I would have pissed my pants!.

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#WeaponsWednesday ...

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Do you train from various positions such as standing, sitting, and lying down?

Not all begin clashes standing. In many cultures people sit quite close to each other. One of the training methodogies found in silat begins at this close quarters sitting stage but it develops evwn more thinga as Detroit Kali-Silat Academy head Jeff Davidson explains; "A tradition in the Silat of West Java is to practice the jurus (upper-body movements) while seated on the ground with the training partner positioned directly in front of you. There are several rationales: When the training was conducted indoors in a limited space, more people could practice together in such a confined area; Seated practice allows the practitioners to understand and apply important principles of body mechanics such as gelek or “spiral”. In this exercise, when a punch, thrust, or slash is coming through, you obviously cannot use footwork to range out from the attack. You also can’t rely on merely passing or parrying with the hands, as the attack will inevitably extend through and reach your body. Therefore, you must spiral/twist your spine to “move your body around the blade” in conjunction with the parrying. This type of seated training forces you to stay in close quarters, where an attack is most likely to take place. – our particular Silat practice is focused on maneuvering in extreme close quarters. The main rule is that the receiver cannot push, pull, or otherwise guide the feeder’s hand – the receiver only tries to ‘follow’ the attacking hand without putting pressure. The feeder thrusts and slashes to the body at first, then tries to slash and cut the receiver’s arm. There is a standing version of this "

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What are some lessons here?


"Now this is some historical reinactmen I can get in to." Ed

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What parts of Bruce Lee's philosophy apply to today's world and martial arts? Which one's don't?

One of those Bruce Lee clips that never gets old on you...

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