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Conflict Manager

I am working on a survey methodology to help answer the question of whether a particular technique will 'work on the street'.

Who can explain what I am trying to do and how it works?
Any opinions on the validity of this methodology? - Erik K.

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One of the reasons that CRGI promotes respectful disagreement.

Tribalness is all fun and games until everyone falls off a cliff. - Erik K.

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Agree? Disagree?
How can this meme be expanded upon?

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"What we teach in Conflict Communication and Violence Dynamics is there's:

Talking to
Talking with
Treating with
Talking at
Shutting down conversations

Problem is 'talking at' does have a legit basis. It's how we teach in this culture. Unfortunately, if that isn't the roles it's an insult. You'll find a lot of people who claim to be trying to 'talk with' people are actually 'talking at.' It comes across as 'shut up and accept what I'm saying about you.'

The other problem is a lot of 'educated' folks have forgotten how to 'treat with' people from different tribes. That's a very formal and polite method of talking and behaving when both of you are capable of shooting each other in the face and you're trying to keep that from happening." Marc MacYoung

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Conflict Video of the Day. ...

Tag someone you'd play this with.

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Here is an amusing example of conflict management. What tactic did the mother use to finally resolve the conflict?

Amazing lesson from dad and daughter argument! 😄👌 via @JukinVideo

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OK on my way home tonight I saw an altercation. I pulled the car in and observed, as I did so it became more violent. I was already calling the police. Once connected I gave precise location, description, violence escalating and as I did so the group went to the ground behind a low wall.

I was patched through to officers on route, other people were joining the melee. I told police I would deal with it but they asked me to stay on phone.

So we have a guy on the floor being pinned down quite aggressively by 4 others, one in particular is hurting him and as I watched started to grip his throat. I asked what has happened, guy on floor junkie shoplifter caught and challenged is/was using aggression and intimidation to try and get away, he has allegedly threatened to stab the guy who is holding his throat with a dirty syringe......

So what do I do if anything?

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The internet is awash in both real and fake news and videos. For example, is this video conflict real or staged?

What are some signs/clues that help differentiate fact from fiction?


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It's useful to keep in mind that many creatures in nature don't follow the rules of civilized behavior. ...

A monster catfish swallows one of his tank mates and doubles in size! 😮 via ViralHog

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What can be learned from this conflict?


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