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"There are no guarantees or absolutes in violence. It's like a math equation. The 'answer' depends on what factors and details are in the equation (of a particular situation). But there are known elements and patterns that will help you figure out what is more -- or less-- likely in a particular situation.

And before you ask, the answer to 'how do I learn those' is first learn people skills. Other wise you can't understand what 'those' are." - Marc MacYoung

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Everyday Personal Safety

What do a lot of these falls into the Grand Canyon have in common?

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Today's thought from Randy King. ...

You need to be able to believe in your training, so that you will do it when you need it! #mememonday

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A look at real life knife attacks from Jari Peuhkurinen's channel.


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Everyday Conflict. (Most likely staged)

My guess is that this video is staged. What I find interesting is the HUGE View Count. The idea of TEACHING SOMEONE A LESSON, seems to be a very popular theme.

My interpertation is that there are a LOT of people who have collected a bundle of resentment over the years from being unfairly treated. So much so, that they get excited when they see someone GET WHAT THEY DESERVE. Otherwise, why would they care?

Any other ideas on this? - Erik K.

This is what you get for parking badly 🚗 😂

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