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This photo note is a reminder that law enforcement are sometimes targeted for victimization too. Self-defense is for everybody.


Four Devon and Cornwall Police Officers, who were violently attacked and used themselves as body shields to protect their colleague from further injuries, have been named as the Region 6 (South West) winners at the National Police Bravery Awards. Acting Sergeant John Dingle and PCs Ryan Hayhurst, Jonathan Lonsdale and Rebecca Sutton-Scott-Tucker responded to a call for help from a member of the public in Kingsbridge. PCs Hayhurst and Lonsdale identified a known suspect and tried to talk to him through the entrance of the ground floor flat. They were unaware that a trap had been laid in the flat. On being invited in, the offender tried to isolate Ryan by slamming the door on Jonathan. But he managed to block the door with his foot. Both officers were then set upon by the offender with a powered angle grinder. Jonathan, while trying to push his way into the property, received a slash to his left arm causing an arterial bleed. He fell back and became unconscious due to his injuries. When backup arrived, John forced his way into the lounge of the property and helped Ryan to escape. Finding Jonathan unconscious, Rebecca was unable to lift him so she pushed him into a gap under the stairs, giving him first aid and shielding him with her own body to prevent further attacks. Although injured, Ryan returned to the flat to help his downed colleague. Knowing the offender was still in the building Rebecca and Ryan were able to drag Jonathan to safety. Other officers arrived to cordon off the area and the offender was arrested. The Officers were all awarded a Chief Constable's Commendation following the incident and have also been awarded the Royal Humane Society Certificate on Vellum. After receiving the award from Gavin Thomas, President of the Police Superintendents' Association of England and Wales, Ryan said: "What started off as a run of the mill job turned out to be our worst nightmare. It's been a fantastic day and it's very humbling listening to the other stories. It puts it all into context, but it's brilliant that we won." Nigel Rabbitts, Chairman of Devon and Cornwall Police Federation, said: “This was an extremely challenging situation, and the officers were in the face of extreme danger and violence. This courageous act required the officers to put the safety of others ahead of their own, and they should be commended and recognised for the bravery of their actions. Without the timely intervention of all his colleagues, especially PC Sutton-Scott-Tucker, then PC Londsale’s injuries would have been fatal.” Shaun Sawyer, Chief Constable Devon and Cornwall Police, said: “The officers responded on that day to the best values of British policing – the sense of legitimacy and policing by consent – to keep them and their community safe. “As it became more of an attack on them, the sense of family and camaraderie came together in extreme acts of courage and bravery. Quite literally to lay one’s life on the line for the public and for one’s colleagues is what makes British policing the best in the world.” The annual Police Bravery Awards recognise police officers who perform outstanding acts of bravery while on or off duty and are organised by the Police Federation of England and Wales. They took place on 14 July 2016.

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The concept of "No Mind" is popular among martial artists.
How does no mind apply to conflict?

Anyone who provides a detailed answer will receive 4 months FREE access to CRGI Digital and Conflict Manager magazine.
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What can be learned from and said about this conflict?


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"The very act of hiding one’s face is also very powerful, potentially leading these individuals to act in a way they normally would not when their faces are visible."


Police are investigating dozens of menacing pranks where people dressed as clowns clambered onto cars, chased children or lurked in the shadows

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Sometimes in a conflict, the greatest danger comes from behind from someone you dismissed as no longer a threat. ...

WATCH: The most incredible race comeback you will ever see! Keep an eye on how far behind the girl in the red is when the leaders take off and then see where she finished... Just unreal!

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Everyday conflict. ...

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This video is a great reminder that sometimes the difference between life and death / success and failure comes down to who has the training and experience and who doesn't. ...

WATCH: Texas police officer honored for using CPR to save 3-year-old boy: abcn.ws/2ejKFse

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"It's easy to watch this video and laugh at it. But it is an example of what happens when people spend too much time in a Closed System. A Closed System is one in which there are no or minimal outside influences.

We all exist in closed systems to some degree. The Earth can be considered a closed system in certain respects.

If you practice a single martial art or "fighting system" and don't expose yourself to other martial arts/systems, you are in a closed system. If you only learn from only one instructor, you are in a closed system. If you have certain beliefs and don't expose yourself to differing beliefs, you are in a closed system. If everyone on your Facebook feed agrees with each other and you, you are in a closed system.

The opposite of a Closed System is an Open System where the system is continually exposed to new ideas and influences. The natural consequence of an open system is to advance and evolve. Whereas a closed system is static or degenerates into what you see in the video." - Erik Kondo


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It is important to remember that there is always someone in the world more badass than you out there. ...

Nothing to see here, folks. This is perfectly normal. #QuestionMadness Happy 50th birthday to @thenorthface! Here's to another 50 years of madness. Photo: @jimmy_chin

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Paraphrasing Rory Miller, negotiating from a position of weakness is begging. ...

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Here is an example of the complexity of conflict and violence. After watching this story, do you feel you know what actually happened, or are you still confused? ...

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This incident illustrates multiple examples of conflict mis-management.

What are some of them?


Police acting on a tip tracked down the suspect in the punching incident, identified as 32-year-old Corey Pohan, who was found Wednesday hiding in his mother’s house in Lakewood, New Jersey.

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