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This will be available very soon from contributor Karl Thornton, as soon as it is released we will provide a link where you can order a copy. ...

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"This training was done to start innoculating the students to real contact with a stick.

It's one thing to flow through a drill, but you never know how it feels to have a stick coming at your face, or what your reaction will be.

We start of slow, with preset techniques, and build up to full speed and contact." - Terry Trahan

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Old School Methods vs. New School Technology. ...

Got a drone problem? Call these eagles 🚔 voc.tv/2cQAQQ6

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Tribes, Super-tribes, Uber-Tribes – Marc MacYoung

"Something I am working on is explaining the human ‘wiring’ to be tribal and how modern society has pushed us out of our comfort zone when it comes to the ‘size’ of our tribe.
This is a simple concept with MASSIVE implications."

Comment by Erik Kondo

Marc brings up a number of concepts in his article. If you watch the attached video, you can see some of those social dynamics at work.


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Garry here, what did people feel about the September issue of Conflict Manager. Please feel free to contact me to offer any opinions or views on the mag or individual contributions. I am sure contributors will value the feedback. Regards, Garry. ...

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Regarding contributor Chris Roberts 7 top frustrations in the way self-defense is sometimes taught.

I agree with all of his points. My focus here is on why these teaching methods arise. Here are my thoughts on WHY this happens.

1) Instructors Who Skip The Pre-Physical Phase of Self Defense
This happens because for many instructors teaching physical technique is the easiest and most fun aspect of training. Understanding the Pre-Physical Phase (which I call the Grey Zone) is much more complicated and involves learning from people with in-depth experience and knowledge on the subject.

Many instructors don't have that experience and are unwilling to learn from those who do.

2) Just Yell Back Off - Providing a single response to a complicated problem makes it easier to teach a simplistic solution. By removing the possibility of escalating the situation, the student doesn't need to show judgment, she only needs to yell loudly.

3) Just Kick Him in The Groin - This is a highly popular technique chosen by some self-defense instructors that use an attacker who is a man with a giant padded groin. In this case, the unmissable groin strike has the effect of setting up the knockout elbow to the head. It's a satisfying one-two knockout that is a crowd pleaser.

4) Do Move A, then Move B, then Move C - Many students want to learn a "move" and some instructors are happy to oblige them. The "move" is a simple sequence of steps and it always works against a compliant attacker. Therefore, students leave feeling a sense of accomplishment. Happy students make for referrals and repeat customers.

5) Go to The Ground on Purpose - This technique is taught mainly to women in order for them to artificially setup a kick to the attacker's head. The student is told to go to the ground and the "attacker" only attacks by leading with his head into her kicking area.

This situation allows for a training situation where the woman is able to knockout her attacker before he physically reaches her. This teaching methodology enables female students to not engage in potentially emotionally distressful grappling and close contact striking with a male attacker. Yet, still feel empowered by their (artificial) ability to knock him out with a powerful kick.

6) Don't Talk, Just Hit Him - A Pre-emptive strike provides a tactical advantage. It provides the student with the ability to ready him or herself to launch the blow. The student gets to decide when to strike. This time preparation is usually needed by the novice student in order for him or her to create a powerful feeling strike. The strike also provides the rational explanation of why the attacker isn't moving, he was stunned into immobility. Which now sets up #4 above - the sequence of steps to then vanquish the attacker.

Legal issues are ignored by saying the attacker was a Bad Guy intent on raping/murdering/etc.

The possibility of a poorly executed pre-emptive strike that escalates the situation is also ignored.

7) Self Defense Gadgets - These gadgets serve the purpose of providing an simplistic solution to a complex problem. They allow the purchaser to feel safer regardless of whether or not that is really the case.

Typically, these gadgets are marketed to women who are afraid of sexual assault. Gadgets pander to Fear Management as opposed to providing Danger Management.

These self-defense teaching methodologies are the result of students consciously or unconsciously wanting to be provided with self-empowerment and "feel good" self-defense training as opposed to real training solutions that involve hard work and no guarantee of working in any given situation. The market demand has created this type of instruction.

As long as there are customers that desire form over function, there will be instructors that provide it.
Only when students start demanding Danger Management over Fear Management will these teaching methods start to disappear." - Erik Kondo

Here is Chris's article.

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Is someone you know's self-defense training a bit like this?

If it is, then refer to subscribe to Conflict Manager.

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"Sometimes you need to take a split second decision, no warnings. Many of use train to increase the chances we will make the right decision, some of us are realistic enough to no we cannot predict with certainty what will work in reality. Sometimes you think you have made the right move and then shit happens.

The unpleasant truth is nothing is guaranteed to work all the time, unfortunately, like in the cartoon Erik published yesterday, people prefer listening to comforting lies. I did a talk to a Women's Institute group last night, we began with avoidance, escape then de-escalation. they were a lovely group and sensible enough to see through any bullshit. We did a few releases from wrist grabs more for fun than anything else, we were never going to do striking or anything remotely violent. It might be fun and exciting but also might get them killed rather than robbed.

So lets stick with the honest approach, teach stuff that might work, could work, even should work but remember to add that nothing works all the time and shit happens.

PS. Do not drink anything whilst watching this clip. - Garry Smith


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The startle reflex is a instinctive response to an sudden unexpected threat. After the initial response, it is common for the person to be frozen in place for some period of time.

Being able to break the freeze and respond with a coherent defense is an important aspect of physical self-defense when ambushed.

How do you train for that situation? - Erik K.

Laughter is the best medicine! Share this with your friends 🙂

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"This is one of the better videos I have seen lately.
If you have trained with me, this looks almost identical to what we do, so obviously I would be inclined to dig it.
He covers the first set of rules I have, #1) I don't get hit, and #2) I hit you.
The combinations he teaches stop you from receiving damage, and positions you for an immediate counter. This is important for a few reasons, less damage, resetting the combat loop, putting the attacker on the defensive, and allowing a quicker escape.
The footwork is good and basic, the strikes are straight forward, and it is all easy to perform with honest training.
The other thing I really like is subtle. He is teaching, not just showing off. The students are engaged and paying attention, and the wearing of safety gear shows a good, aggresive spirit, even in training.
This is good stuff." - Terry Trahan

'I like this its good honest training. The fact they are wearing jeans is cool because unlike Gis the restrict movement. What will you be wearing in the street? The thing is we can adapt and use it if we want and ignore it if we are not impressed. We did lots of stuff like this tonight so for us its a hit. If you are untouched by it no problems. Trolls go FYS. The curious, play." - Garry Smith.

Boxe de Rue ASGAM

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Some people really work hard at being a dick. The guy in the red shirt is a first rate example. Some kind of driving incident obviously precludes this confrontation. Thing is the biker was taunting him and winding him up. It is all very well claiming he did not want to fight but his verbal claims that he would defend himself are a direct challenge. So its a drawn out monkey dance with 2 monkeys in full swing mode, thing is red shirt appeared to have nothing in the tank when they reached lights, cameras, action time.

HE DESERVED THAT! Credit: ViralHog FULL VIDEO: dudecomedy.com/guy-humps-bikers-muffler-road-rage-gets-dropped/

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Yesterday, I posted about Posturing being a form of deterrence.

Today, we see what happens when you can't back up your bark.

When you are trying to be brave.

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When it comes to self-defense/personal safety training,
What are some unpleasant truths?
What are some comforting lies?

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Most people are familar with the Freeze, Fight or Flight responses to conflict. But there is also Posturing which is a form of Deterrence.

Deterrence is used to discourage the other party from engaging in unwanted behavior due to the implicit threat of enforcement if the unwanted behavior continues.

Therefore, the effectiveness of deterrence is tied to the ability or reasonable belief in ability to follow through with the enforcement as implied.

All of this can be considered boundary setting which is done by individuals all the way up to entire countries as seen in this video.

Posturing without the ability to enforce is bluffing which when called may lead to less respect.
Posturing can also be viewed as Over-enforcement and result in a Backlash.
- Erik K.

The United States sent two nuclear-capable supersonic bombers near the North Korean border as a show of force after the country's most recent and largest nuclear test last week. Read the full story: nbcnews.to/2csAT3D

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"I really like this video, it is basic, succinct, direct, like good, combative self defense should be.
The movements are mechanically sound, and gross movement based. The tactic is grounded and effective.
Practice of this type of defense is well worth your time.

A few other reasons to love this. It is plain, the info speaks for itself. There is no need for high production to cover up a lack of value.
And, and this is the most important part, Brandon shows how this works for a person with a disability. The very people that need this the most. He adapts it to his abilities and makes it work. I am very encouraged to see him putting these out. Make sure to check out his other stuff at Adaptive Defense Methods.

NOTE: Gross motor doesn't mean untrained, it means bigger movements, less accuracy, less fine muscular movement." - Terry Trahan

Couldn't leave you guys hanging, so I enlisted the help of my pops to help me out. He's the one that got me started on this journey. In this video, we show how to use a tactical pen in self-defense. Keep in mind the same skill set can be done with any pen or small impact weapon that you can stab with. Also, please keep in mind that this is done from a sitting position, i.e. if you're sitting in a chair the same concepts apply, I try and always keep my pen at the ready. Whether I'm in a classroom or signing something.

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After a violent conflict, many times legal consequences are influenced by the testimony of the eye witnesses accounts.

Watch this video once and test yourself. Would you be able to accurate describe exactly what happened and who was involved to the police from what you observed?

I certainly can't.

Witness Coaching as described by Clint Overland is an important and many times overlooked aspect of Conflict Management. - Erik K.


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