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Seems like there is a lesson here.


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"This video shows an example of an Educational Beatdown. The man is shown being punished for his unacceptable behavior. The intention of a EDB is to communicate and enforce the rules of behavior.

In this case, since the EBD was made into a video, it is being used as communication to not only to the Recipient of the EBD, but also to all those who watch or hear about the video. This is a form of societal boundary setting by the people involved.

The ultimate effectiveness of the EBD depends upon the end result. If the EBD has the effect of changing the Recipient's behavior for the better, then the EBD was effective boundary setting. If it makes the Recipient's behavior worse, then it was not.

The same goes for the video. If the video communicates the desired message effectively, then it "works". If it creates unintended consequences such as a societal backlash, then it didn't work." - Erik Kondo


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When watching a video, the first question is whether it is "real" or staged.
What evidence points to real? What evidence points to staged?

The moment when the victim is stronger than the thief.

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This video is a great example of the importance of environmental awareness and knowledge for self-protection.

What are other types of environments?

Every single plant in the garden at Alnwick Castle can kill you. That's why it's called The Poison Garden. Every. Plant. There. Can. Kill. You. Let's go check it out!

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Life long training and personal development. ...

Dave Kovar's Dad is like 94 or something, but still trains...This video never gets old on you...

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"Quit talking about what your going to do and just do it. Hit first hit hard and don't get hit. Control the situation by taking control. Too many people worry about getting into trouble because they get into a fist fight. In a lot of places it's a class c misdemeanor same as a traffic ticket. Pay your fine.

When you know it's about to get crazy then step up, knock them on their ass and move on.

99% of the bullshit you deal with is social violence in some way shape or form. Almost always it can be avoided or de-escalated. But, generally, we as a species won't." - Clint Overland


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It is important to recognize that some of your ability to protect yourself and your resources is hardwired by nature. Some living things are naturally better equiped physically and mentally for self-protection than others.


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Is Resource Predation a learned behavior or is it hard wired in humans? ...

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The linked post is the latest from contributor Gershon Ben Keren regarding dealing with socially awkward situations.

Socially awkward and uncomfortable situations occur far more frequently and to a greater variety of people then the much feared violent stranger attack.

Many of these situations are created by low level process predators who enjoy the "process" of making other people uncomfortable or engage in an unwanted activity. Awkward situations are also used as "tests/interviews" by higher level predators to determine the suitability of a potential victim for future victimization based on the target's response.

Dealing with these predators requires understanding how to effectively communicate and enforce behavioral boundaries. Effective boundary setting uses appropriate responses that are neither too little (Under-enforcement) nor too much (Over-enforcement) in order to create respect for the boundary or behavioral rule.

The effectiveness of your boundary setting can be evaluated based on whether or not it is "working". If your boundary setting response(s) are not changing the other person's behavior in relation to you, then a progressively stronger response is required.

If your responses are generally are treated with contempt, most likely you are habitually engaging in Under-enforcement. If your responses generally create a backlash, most likely you are habitually engaging in Over-enforcement. Just-Right/appropriate responses are required to create the respect needed for your boundaies to not be violated." - Erik Kondo


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This is the kind of stuff that makes most of us wince. The problem is people gobble up this tomfoolery. So lots of people in the SD/MA world are mocking this video and this woman. Thing is, I bet they all have stuff in there system that is impractical too. Maybe something that works/worked for them so they think it works for everyone.

I teach Ju Jitsu, I teach Self Defence, Been There Done That self defence (BTDT), not somebody elses version of Reality Based Self Defence (RBSD), they are different things, all 3 of them.

1, Ju JItsu is a martial art, there is some stuff in there that is good self defence, there is much in there I would not have the time or opportunity to use on a commited attacker.
2 My BTDTSD is based on what works against an all out attack, not a zombie with a rubber knife or a scripted attack, it is based on my experience and insight plus a lot of study and learning and trying things out,
3 RBSD, whose reality?

From the movies or some self professed expert? The thing is alll 3 look the same to the unsuspecting public if they have no ability to differentiate, no baseline other than what they see on TV or in films. For me its the strap line that is the killer, anything that is easy to learn is usually worth jack shit.

What do you think" - Garry Smith


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Contributor Randy King's latest rant on the commonly used comment of "that won't work on the street". ...

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A look at some real world knife attacks. ...

*NSFW* GRAHPIC, REAL LIFE KNIFE ATTACKS🔪🔪 This video better helps you understand what happens during a knife attack and how messy it really is. Self Defense against Knife attacks is CRUCIAL. It could be the difference between life or death. Share this video with your friends. Video Credit:Active Self Protectionon

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