Selected Use of Force Posts

1240295_726077397409679_1330859186_n “Force is a form of communication. It is the most emphatic possible way of saying “No!” – Rory Miller

403564_4409960298788_1037085183_n-300x300 “If violence never works for you, then you are doing it wrong” – Clint Overland

37737_424044159768_5412_n-205x300“Words have no power when someone isn’t listening to you anymore” – Marc MacYoung

1779888_10152198886222902_1223941444_n-177x300   “No matter what, I go home tonight” – Terry Trahan


The following are selected links to posts designed to increase your ability to use force when needed.




video  Don’t Assume – Fight video commentary by Clint Overland (password is “crgi1”)



Stances, Structure and Front-Half – Marc MacYoung

Structure, Space and Orientation – Rory Miller

Dynamics – Rory Miller

On Jurus and Meta-movement Forms – Terry Trahan



On Hitting – Rory Miller

On the Effectiveness of Punching – Marc MacYoung

Someone asked me what to do when you get hit hard enough to give you Jell-O knees. – Marc MacYoung



Thoughts on integration of skills – Terry Trahan

Building a House – Rory Miller



Effective Movement – Marc MacYoung

Application of Effective Movement – Marc MacYoung

Mushy Body Movement – Marc MacYoung

Flow or Structure… or both? – Terry Trahan



Power! – Rory Miller

Generating Power – Marc MacYoung

Muscle – Marc MacYoung

The Drop-Step – Rory Miller

The Drop-Step is Everywhere – Rory Miller



The Joy of Cheating – Rory Miller

Abandon – Rory Miller

Intel, Influence, Control – Rory Miller

Terrain – Rory Miller

The Golden Move +1 – Rory Miller

Q&A: How do I Handle a Haymaker Punch – Marc MacYoung



On Context and Timing – Rory Miller

Time and Distance – Rory Miller





Talking Knives – Marc MacYoung (Conflict Manager Magazine APRIL, 2015)

On Knife Disarms – Marc MacYoung

Q&A: Why Be a Backwards Knifer? – Terry Trahan

Q&A: What Are Some Knife Carry Considerations? – Terry Trahan

Q&A: What Knife Tool Should I Buy? – Terry Trahan

On Knife Fighting Systems – Marc MacYoung