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Here are some posts, articles, videos, websites, blogs, documents, studies, and more that CRGI members recommend in no particular order. The name in parentheses is person who made the recommendation.

The Value of Probabilistic Thinking: Spies, Crime, and Lightning Strikes – Hock Hochheim

Cooper’s Color Code | You’re Doing it Wrong – DP Friesen

45 Stories of Sex and Consent on Campus – DP Friesen

The Best Explanation for Our Spate of Mass Shootings Is the Least Comforting – Erik Kondo

Thresholds of Violence – Erik Kondo

Verbal Management of Aggression – Garry Smith

Real and Imagined Movements Are Controlled by the Brain in the Same Way – DP Friesen

Fight Formula – Hock Hochheim

Facebook stock takes hit on FTC probe and news it records users’ call logs – DP Friesen

Why Kids Need to Play – Ashtag Rustomji

A new movement to speak truth to identity politics is our best hope against regressive thinking – Marc MacYoung

This Is Your Brain On War – Erik Kondo

A gun won’t give you the guts  to run toward danger – Darren Friesen

Why men fight, rape and kill: Author explores the psychology of male violence – Hock Hochheim

Psychopaths Don’t Lack Empathy: They Just Have The Ability To Turn It Off At Will – Ashtad Rustomji

Why do almost all of the many school shooters/mass shooters fit the profile of young and socially dysfunctional male? – Malcolm Rivers

How to Stop Violence – Erik Kondo

The Swiss Difference: A Gun Culture That Works – Erik Kondo

The Myth That Mental Illness Causes Mass Shootings – Siofra Scath Beag

Why Fighter Pilots know that Quick Reactions are for Losers – Erik Kondo

A Better Way to Look at Most Every Political Issue – Marc MacYoung

Revenge of the Lizard Brain – Darren Friesen


Meet the Self Defense Workouts With a Message of Empowerment for Women – Erik Kondo



The iPad is a Far Bigger Threat to Our Children Than Anyone Realizes. – Toby Cowen

Why We Learned to Fight – Erik Kondo

Col. Cooper’s Color Code – You’re Doing it Wrong – Erik Kondo

36 powerful men accused of sexual misconduct after Harvey Weinstein – Erik Kondo

13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don’t Do – Erik Kondo

What power does to your brain and your body – Darren Friesen

Former Facebook exec says social media is ripping apart society – Erik Kondo

The Best Exercise for Aging Muscles

 The Biology of Good and Evil

6 Benefits of Roughhousing for Kids – Darren Friesen

Weinstein’s Complicity Machine – Erik Kondo

The History Of The Onna-Bugeisha, Japan’s Bad Ass Female Samurai – Garry Smith

Former Facebook executive: social media is ripping society apart – Toby Cowern

Science’s Journey From Data To Truth – Erik Kondo

Logical Fallacies vs Cognitive Biases – Dillon Beyer

Two pedals drive the bi-cycle of violence: reactive and appetitive aggression – Nathan Wagar

6 Really Good Sites with FREE Video Lectures from Top US Colleges – Ashtad Rustomji

Your Brain Is Hardwired For Outrage – DP Friesen

How Many Senses Do Humans Have? Are there More Than Five Senses? – Jacob Rollo


Camille Paglia: How to Deal with Men Like Harvey Weinstein – Marc MacYoung

Coerced Sex Not Uncommon for Young Men, Teenage Boys, Study Finds – Erik Kondo

A rape epidemic — by women? Column – Marc MacYoung

How to Treat a Sprained Ankle – Ashtad Rusomji

7 Habits That Make People Seem Less Intelligent – Erik Kondo

The Most Common Reasons Marriages Fail, According To Divorce Lawyers – Marc MacYoung

Why Our Brains Need Sleep, and What Happens If We Don’t Get Enough – Darren Friesen

Pre-Assault Cues! Or not… – Jacob Rollo

The Science Of A Takedown – Jacob Rollo

TripAdvisor removed warnings about rapes and injuries at Mexico resorts, tourists say – DP Friesen

Study: Schools with Bullying Prevention Programs Have More Bullying – Marc MacYoung

The Surprising Revolt at the Most Liberal College in the Country – Erik Kondo

50 Life Lessons From Marcus Aurelius, Emperor Of Rome – Erik Kondo

Handgun Stopping Power: Science vs. “40 years of Experience” – Erik Kondo

Why I’ve Started to Fear My Fellow Social Justice Activists – Erik Kondo

The AI That Has Nothing to Learn From Humans – Toby Cowern

Americans Agree More Than They Realize – Marc MacYoung

‘Like Going Back in Time’: Puerto Ricans Put Survival Skills to Use – SHTF

Psychological abusers don’t go for the weak — they choose strong people because they ‘like a challenge’  – Marc MacYoung

Brain waves reflect different types of learning – Darren Friesen

Sexual Victimization by Women Is More Common Than Previously Known – Marc MacYoung

Embrace the Violence: Why disarming the populace will never work – Darren Friesen

Stress Diminishes Our Capacity to Sense New Dangers – Darren Friesen

I’m Not a Sheepdog (and you shouldn’t be either) – Erik Kondo

Almost 75% of all children are subjected to violence each year, research finds – Erik Kondo

A Stanford psychologist on the art of avoiding assholes – DP Friesen

Police Performance Under Stress – Erik Kondo

US Knife Laws – Paul DiRienzo

Why is There So Much Bullying in Schools? – Marc MacYoung

Our illusory sense of agency has a deeply important social purpose – Erik Kondo

Gorillas in our midst: sustained inattentional blindness for dynamic events – Kathy Jackson

How Rituals Alter the Brain to Help Us Perform Better – Ashtad

Reality Fighting on The Brain – Darren F.

Learning And Unlearning to Fear: The Two Faces of Noradrenaline – Darren Friesen

Teachers must ditch ‘neuromyth’ of learning styles, say scientists – Hock H.

The empty brain – Erik Kondo

Deep Sleep Reinforces the Learning of New Motor Skills – Darren Friesen

The strange links between intelligence and prejudice – Darren Friesen

Rape at universities: One program is proven to reduce it – Garry Smith

Authoritarians to the Right of Me, Authoritarians to the Left – Marc MacYoung

To Be A Happy Person, Understand Marginal Utility – Marc MacYoung

UW professor: The information war is real, and we’re losing it – Marc MacYoung

Why Cops Develop These 6 Weird and Often Strange Character Traits – Kasey Kleckeisen

Radical Theory Overturns Old Model of How Emotions are Made – Erik Kondo

Strip or Retire: Why Every Man Should Have Skin in the Game – Terry Trahan

How Anti-White Rhetoric Is Fueling White Nationalism – Erik Kondo

I Don’t Like The Antifa – Marc MacYoung

Daycare Owner Recounts Using MMA to Thwart Attempted Child Abduction – Erik Kondo

Sexual Assault May Trigger Involuntary Paralysis – Erik Kondo

Rhythm of Breathing Affects Memory and Fear – Darren Friesen

What know-it-alls don’t know, or the illusion of competence – Darren Friesen

10 Ways You’re Making Your Life Harder Than It Has To Be – Erik Kondo


Full transcript: Defense Secretary James Mattis’ interview with The Islander – Erik Kondo

Acid attack first aid: What you need to do immediately to help victims

The Dark Side of Empathy – DP Friesen

Terry Gobanga: ‘I was gang-raped on my wedding day’ – Tammy Yard-McCracken


10 Harrowing Stories Of MMA Stars Suffering Memory Loss – DP Friesen

Long Term Effects of A Lifetime of Grappling Competition Training – DP Friesen

Self-defence against knife attacks: a full review – Erik Kondo

The Three Pillars of Motivation – Erik Kondo

4 Ways to Accquire Navy Seals’ Mental Toughness – Raymond Dettinger

A growing movement in fitness sees psychological training as a new key to hacking human performance – DP Friesen

Going to the Ground: Lessons from Law Enforcement – Pat Bush

The Dangers of Empathy – Marc MacYoung

Are My Traditional Martial Arts Useless? – Erik Kondo

How to Raise an American Adult – Erik Kondo   – John Kruschke

New Reuters Poll Proves That Many Americans Can’t Think for Themselves – Terry Trahan


Living in a Code Yellow World – DP Friesen

Super SEALs: Elite Units Pursue Brain-Stimulating Technologies – DP Friesen

Why You Need to Carry Tourniquets – Terry Trahan

The Most Overlooked Self Defense Skill We NEED, To Keep Our Family Safe – Kathy Jackson

Why Conservatives Can’t Understand Liberals (and Vice Versa) – Marc MacYoung

Winning a Knife Fight – Erik Kondo

10 Toxic People to Avoid at All Costs – Erik Kondo

The Cold, Hard Truth of Training to Survive Physical Violence – Garry Smith

10 Self-Defense Tips From Boxer Jack Dempsey, Circa 1950 – Garry Smith

Humans Crave Violence Just Like Sex – DP Friesen

Martial Arts Is Not Self-Defence: Real World Violence Prevention – Garry Smith

If you want resilient kids stop doing these seven things – Erik Kondo

Fighting – and, not or – Fitness – Garry Smith

When a Cop is Just Wrong… – Erik Kondo

20 Diversion Tactics Highly Manipulative Narcissists, Sociopaths And Psychopaths Use To Silence You – DP Friesen

Why We Need Alpha Males – Garry Smith

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3857: Taunting a Snowplow Driver – Belleville, Ontario – Body Language and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS) – Erik Kondo

How To Defend Against Donald Trump’s Arm Drag Handshake – Kasey Keckeisen

Study finds that heel-down posture in great apes and humans confers a fighting advantage – Garry Smith

The Rise of the Praetorian Class – Terry Trahan

Anti-Intellectualism and the “Dumbing Down” of America – Erik Kondo

About That “Punching Nazis” Thing… – Kathy Jackson

Stop hating everyone who didn’t vote like you – Kathy Jackson

Bridging the gap between citizens and police – Tim Boehlert

Social instability lies ahead, researcher says – Erik Kondo

Days of Rage – Toby Cowern

Why Your Brain May Be Wired To Believe Fake News – Erik Kondo

GUN OWNERS: Here’s Why It’s Absolutely CRITICAL You Understand Gun Law – Marc MacYoung

How Emotionalism is Slowly Replacing Rationalism – Garry Smith

Scientists Show That Chimps Will Murder and Eat Their Dictators – Garry Smith

Why You Shouldn’t Punch a Punchable Face – Erik Kondo

The psychology of why 94 deaths from terrorism are scarier than 301,797 deaths from guns – Heidi MacDonald

What do Americans fear? – Erik Kondo

The Science of Conflict – Erik Kondo

Our Brains on Conflict – Erik Kondo

Flipping A Switch In The Brain Turns Lab Rodents Into Killer Mice – Erik Kondo

Self-defence against knife attacks: a full review – Toby Cowern



Do You Want to Be a Soldier or a Scout? – Erik Kondo


Hate To Break It To You But You Are The Reason Your Life Sucks So Much – Clint Overland

The Stoic: 9 Principles to Help You Keep Calm in Chaos – Terry Trahan

Why US liberals are now buying guns too – Toby Cowern


Physicist David Bohm on Creativity – Erik Kondo

The Psychology of Getting Unstuck: How to Overcome the “OK Plateau” of Performance & Personal Growth – Erik Kondo

Fixed vs. Growth: The Two Basic Mindsets That Shape Our Lives – Erik Kondo

Commentary: The unbearable smugness of the press – Marc MacYoung

The Legalities of Shooting People – Kathy Jackson

Blue Feed, Red Feed
See Liberal Facebook and Conservative Facebook, Side by Side – Kathy Jackson

Dalai Lama: Behind Our Anxiety, the Fear of Being Unneeded – Erik Kondo

6 Reasons Why A New Civil War Is Possible And Terrifying – Marc MacYoung

How to Get Beyond Our Tribal Politics – Erik Kondo

How Roman Central Planners Destroyed Their Economy – Tristan Chermack

We asked 86 burglars how they broke into homes – Erik Kondo

USA – Looking In The Balkans Mirror? – Toby Cowern

Social Networks and the Threat to Personal Security

5 Kickass and Interesting Facts About Knifes – Terry Trahan


For Many Women, Trump’s Locker Room Talk Brings Memories of Abuse – Heidi MacDonald

71% of Children Killed by One Parent are Killed by Their Mothers; 60% of Victims are Boys – Erik Kondo

5 Reasons It’s OK To Cut Someone Out Of Your Life – Marc MacYoung

Who You Hate Depends on How Smart You Are, Study Finds – Marc MacYoung

Mindset vs. Hardware – Terry Trahan

Mob Mentality…Escaping from Riots and Flash Mobs – Erik Kondo

Why Political Correctness Is Political Cowardice – Lloyd deJongh

How has rape become such a common trope of television drama? – Maija Soderholm

California, eyeing Cosby, ends statute of limitations for rape – Chris Roberts

‘Effeminism’ and the War on Boys – Terry Trahan

The natural selection of bad science – Marc MacYoung

‘Effeminism’ and the War on Boys – Tristan Chermack

The Coddling of the American Mind – Terry Trahan

The Myth of Lone-Wolf Terrorism – Llody de Jongh

Left of Bang and the OODA Loop – Lloyd De Jongh

Making Modern Toughness – Erik Kondo

Are runners likely to be targets of violent crime? – Erik Kondo

Why Do We Judge Parents For Putting Kids At Perceived — But Unreal — Risk? – Erik Kondo

Standing up to sexual assault – Erik Kondo

“I Saw an Opportunity and I Took It.” – Alain Burrese

Dear Social Justice Warriors: Your Religion Is Progressivism, Not Judaism – Marc MacYoung

The Psychology of Your Future Self– Rodney King

University Of Chicago Tells Freshmen It Does Not Support ‘Trigger Warnings’ – Tammy Yard McCracken

we-need-to-stop-sanitizing-everything-and-let-bacteria-back-in-our-lives – Erik Kondo

I’ve done my “research!” | The Dunning-Kruger effect – Marc MacYoung

How You Show Up Matters More Than You think – Rodney King

How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet – Erik Kondo

You’re Too Stupid For This Conversation You Insist On Having – Schalk Holloway

Why One Neuroscientist Started Blasting His Core – Jeffrey johnson

The Tao of Boyd: How to Master the OODA Loop – Lloyd De Jungh

Self-defence: What’s acceptable under Canadian law? – TJ Kennedy

Revenge of the Lizard Brain – Loyd De Jongh

Title IX Victory for Man Suing Over Sex Assault Finding – Marc MacYoung

The things most likely to kill you in one infographic – Marc MacYoung

Only half of your friends actually like you, study reveals – Erik Kondo

What Liberals Need to Understand About ‘Gun Guys’ – Teja Van Wicklen

Guest Post – Myth Busting Knife Attacks by Darren Laur – Toby Cowern

Social Justice Bullies: The Authoritarianism of Millennial Social Justice – Erik Kondo

‘There Is Another Kind of Violence, A Violence of Institutions’ – Erik Kondo

Waiting in Line for the Illusion of Security – Erik Kondo

Amid Rise In Worldwide Conflict, Reasons For ‘Cautious’ Optimism – Erik Kondo

The “Other Side” Is Not Dumb – Dillon Beyer

Seeing Others as Collectively Evil Is the Root of All Evil – Clint Jahn

This Is Your Brain On War – Alain Burrese

Black and Unarmed: Behind the Numbers – Erik Kondo

Give it five minutes – Kathy Jackson

Less Lethal Weapon Effectiveness, Use of Force, and Suspect & Officer Injuries: A Five-Year Analysis – Erik Kondo


Meet the woman making rape jokes that are actually funny – Teja Van Wicklen


Stereotypes – Kathy Jackson

Reality Check: The True Intent Of The Second Amendment – Marc MacYoung

The tiny pill fueling Syria’s war and turning fighters into superhuman soldiers – Jeffrey Johnson

The 21-Foot “Rule” Doesn’t Exist – Ashtag Rustomji

You Cannot Regulate Guns Unless You Know How To Use One – Jeffery Johnson

Instructor development Journal – Kathy Jackson

 Violence 101 and the Monkey Dance: Information for Writers with Rory Miller – Ed Calderon

Resilience Is About How You Recharge, Not How You Endure – Marc MacYoung


Self-proclaimed ‘Thought Leader’ Gives Talk on ‘Thought Leadership’ – Erik Kondo

Unprepared: Lost on the Great Range Traverse – Toby Cowern

Today’s teens smoke less, drink less, and have sex less than any teens on record – Erik Kondo

Psychologist: Social Justice the new Religious Fundamentalism – Marc MacYoung

The Great Gun-Control Distraction – Kathy Jackson

Even defining”Assault Rifles” is complicated – Erik Kondo

Peruta v. San Diego, analyzed – Marc MacYoung

It’s not just hormones – Erik Kondo

Rancher on horseback lassoes would-be bike bandit in Walmart parking lot – Erik Kondo

Independent Women’s Forum Annual Summit, College Culture Panel – Marc MacYoung

What Makes the Stanford Rape Case So Unusual – Erik Kondo

Gray Man Strategies 101: Peeling Away the Thin Veneer of Society – Maija Soderholm

Testimony of Andrew Vachss before the United States National Commission on Libraries and Information Science;
Presented Tuesday, November 10, 1998 – Marc MacYoung


‘You took away my worth’: A sexual assault victim’s powerful message to her Stanford attacker – Erik Kondo

3 Post-Court Myths Dispelled By Massad Ayoob – Kathy Jackson

Psychology of Intellience Analysis – Rory Miller

Misogyny on Twitter – Kathy Jackson

Social Engineering – Why You Are The Weakest Link – Erik Kondo

You Can Dig Deeper. Bring On the Pain – Mark Hatmaker

This Is The Research-Backed Way To Increase Grit – Erik Kondo

The “Educational Beatdown” – Gabe Cohen

Martial arts teacher attacked by teenage thugs and left for dead.. – Garry Smith

Your Field Guide to the Female Psychopath – J.K. Boyd

What your walk really says about you – Raymond Dettinger

The corruption of research on domestic violence – Erik Kondo

As a Black Woman, I Think ‘White Male’ Bashing is Dangerous – Erik Kondo

Body cameras make police more vulnerable to assault – Garry Smith

Declining Student Resilience: A Serious Problem for Colleges – Garry Smith

10 first aid steps (when someone has a convulsive seizure) – Síofra Scáth Beag

Forget helicopter parenting. It’s all about submarine parenting. – Erik Kondo

When Men Are Raped – Jeffrey Johnson

Was the Moynihan Report right? Sobering findings after 1965 study is revisited – Marc MacYoung

‘He thought he could help’: Concealed carry gun-wielder intervenes in domestic dispute and is shot dead 

Eternal Curves – Marc MacYoung

Air rage triggered by walking past first-class seating, study says – Erik Kondo

School resource officers focus on forming bonds, impacting lives – Erik Kondo

Avoidance: A Key Self Defense Tactic – Terry Trahan

Shooters Quicker To Pull Trigger When Target Is Black, Study Finds – Erik Kondo

This study found race matters in police shootings, but the results may surprise you – Marc MacYoung

The Secret War Crime – Garry Smith

Because you can, doesn’t mean you should… a cautionary example of what not to do. – Toby Cowern

10 Ways to Raise Brave Girls – Mark Hatmaker

Should Students be Taught to Spot Logical Fallacies? – Marc MacYoung

The stalker and the woman who refused to give in – Garry Smith

Feminists, We Are Not Winning the War on Campus Sexual Assault – Marc MacYoung

Scientists Slowly Reintroducing Small Group Of Normal, Well-Adjusted Humans Into Society – Erik Kondo


Swede farts in stinky revenge after woman says no to sex – Toby Cowern


10 Tests, Exercises, and Games to Heighten Your Senses and Situational Awareness – Erik Kondo

Rethinking ‘ultra-safe’ playgrounds: Why it’s time to bring back ‘thrill-provoking’ equipment for kids – Erik Kondo

Why female violence against men is society’s last great taboo – Marc MacYoung

Martial Arts Is Not Self-Defence: Real World Violence Prevention – Erik Kondo

The Rise of the College Crybullies – Marc MacYoung

The ‘Let Them Bleed’ Style Of Parenting – Erik Kondo

21 Ways To Leave A Never-Ending Conversation Without Being Rude – Marc MacYoung

The problem with ‘unfriending’ – Garry Smith

How to think ahead about your decisions – Kathy Jackson

The Brain and Emotional Intelligence: An Interview with Daniel Goleman – Marc MacYoung

This Graphic Explains 20 Cognitive Biases That Affect Your Decision-Making – Erik Kondo

‘Let children fight back against playground bullies’ – Garry Smith

Ladies, It’s OK to be Mean… – Kathy Jackson

What Constant Exposure To Negative News Is Doing To Our Mental Health – Erik Kondo


Mass Murder with Firearms: Incidents and Victims, 1999-2013 – Erik Kondo

Choose Your Own Mass Shooting Statistics – Marc MacYoung

The Lenny Interview: Gavin de Becker – Erik Kondo

A Harvard psychologist says people judge you based on 2 criteria when they first meet you – Marc MacYoung

Why This Radical Leftist is Disillusioned by Leftist Culture – Jeffery Johnson

Campus Rape Dogma in the Age of Promiscuity – Marc MacYoung

The Science of Happiness: Why complaining is literally killing you. – Erik Kondo

What to do if you’re falsely accused of campus sexual assault – Marc MacYoung

What’s Wrong with the CDC’s Public Health Model for Rape Prevention – Erik Kondo

5 Things Every Reasonable Gun Owner Ought To Know – Erik Kondo

Researchers have discovered a much faster way to learn new skills  – Erik Kondo

America’s Top Fears 2015 – Erik Kondo

Nobody Catcalls The Woman In The Wheelchair – Erik Kondo

Researcher Says Women’s Initiation of Domestic Violence Predicts Risk to Women – Marc MacYoung

Flight attendant tells how she learned to recognize human trafficking and what you can do – Toby Cowern

One Bullet Can Kill, Sometimes 20 Don’t – Erik Kondo

What Really Happens When You Get Shot – Erik Kondo

The Pernicious Myth of the Good Guy With a Gun – Garry Smith

Research Report: Facial Structure Is a Reliable Cue of Aggressive Behavior – Erik Kondo

Meet the New Bachelors that Yearn for Something More – Erik Kondo

Domestic Violence Against Men: Women More Likely To Be ‘Intimate Terrorists’ With Controlling Behavior In Relationships – Erik Kondo

Rolling Stone rape hoaxer Jackie must release documents, says judge – Marc MacYoung

Should We Teach Women Rape-Prevention Tactics? – Erik Kondo

My college got caught up in the horrifying rage over Wheaton’s Muslim-Christian God debate – Erik Kondo

Left and right should stop demonizing people they don’t understand -Terry Trahan

The Brain: How The Brain Rewires Itself – Erik Kondo

Why We Can’t Stay Silent on Germany’s Mass Sex Assaults – Erik Kondo

A Grown Woman Goes Undercover at a Frat Party – Toby Cowern

The Real Victims of Victimhood – Erik Kondo

14 Things Everyone Should Understand About Guns – Marc MacYoung

Recognizing the Dangers of Groupthink – J. Boyd

Thresholds of Violence – Maija Solderholm

“Where can I get the quickest, cheapest class?” – Kathy Jackson

Run, Hide, Fight, that’s not how our brains work – Stanford Chiou

Naked and Afraid: Fighting an Active Shooter When You are Unarmed – Toby Cowern

Why BJJ Fighters Should Avoid Street Fighting – Jake Steinmann

How The Mainstream Media Polarizes The Masses – Erik Kondo

The Other Side of the College Sexual Assault Crisis – Erik Kondo

Why police so often see unarmed black men as threats – Erik Kondo

FBI: A Study of Active Shooter Incidents in the United States Between 2000 and 2013 – Erik Kondo

Is Han Solo Legally Justified in Shooting Greedo First? A Lawyer Explains – Marc MacYoung

White Americans Are The Biggest Terror Threat In The United States – Erik Kondo

7 Gun Control Myths That Just Won’t Die – Marc MacYoung

How Many Mass Shooting Are There, Really? – Marc MacYoung

Do citizens (not police officers) with guns ever stop mass shootings? – Gershon Ben Keren

Inside the Race to Stop the Next Mass Shooter – Erik Kondo

Sex attacker Johnathon Holmes left battered and bruised by young woman he dragged into bushes – Gershon Ben Keren

Maps That Will Change Your Knowledge About The World, Part 1 – Erik Kondo