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“Just have to say, this is amazing. It will take me a lifetime to study, learn, absorb and use the material you have put together. Thank you for the time and effort you put into it. It’s clearly a labor of love for all of you. I will refer everyone I know with any interest in ANY of your topics.” – TM

“I’ve been studying those courses. They’re very extremely comprehensive and informative and have been a huge help to further my own knowledge based. To supplement them, I’ve been studying recent and past cases and understanding them at a deeper level using the information in the courses. Thank you so much for sharing it with me” – AR

“CRGI is changing the way I think about self-defense and the way I teach my classes. Many of the standard opinions and thoughts about self-defense and crime out there are wrong. I want to educate my students on reality with the goal of giving them the tools and knowledge they need to predict and avoid violence. CRGI is giving me the ongoing information I need to learn how to do this and continue to refine and develop the classes I teach.” – AK


“Ask the experienced, not the learned” is an old Arab proverb. CRGI is a collection of individuals who are both experienced with extreme violence (under a variety of circumstances) and learned. No matter what your focus is self-defense, violence professional, shooting, women’s self-defense, martial arts instructor or survival you’ll learn something.”

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