Guided-Learning Module #2: Evolving Paradigm Viewpoints – Erik Kondo

What is a Paradigm Viewpoint?

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We have all heard about the woman who won a million dollar award for spilling MacDonald’s coffee on her lap. This case became the poster child for outrageous jury awards and frivolous lawsuits also known as tort reform.

But, who promotes this Viewpoint? What really happened?  Is the widely held Viewpoint the only view?


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On Truth and Full Knowledge – Marc MacYoung

What about the story of Kitty Genovese, the woman whose murder is widely used to demonstrate the bystander effect?  Is much of what we know of this story also a myth?

Flat Earth Knowledge: Our arrogance over knowing what ain’t so – Marc MacYoung

In terms of the established Problem of 1 in 4 women being sexually assaulted. Does the use of this statistic create an accurate view of what is really happening and how it is actually happening? What are some differing views on this statistic?

The first step to Problem Solving is to accurately identify the problem.

Accurate identification requires using a viewpoint that best approximates what is truly happening as opposed to using the viewpoint that is in line with one’s pre-existing beliefs and ideological views.


Evolving your paradigm viewpoint creates a deeper understanding of the issue.