Online Education

Secrets of Women’s Self Defense (Teja Van Wicklen is a comprehensive college-type course designed for women who want a deeper understanding of how to protect themselves and their families from sociopaths and violence. If you don’t have time to take a self defense class but want to go in depth into the issues of criminality, lifestyle and what not to do, this inexpensive 14 week course is a rare opportunity.

Urban Preparedness –  101  (Toby Cowern) is a FREE six part video mini-series on the basic of being prepared for adverse and survival  situations in an urban setting.

Unknown Area Everyday Carry (EDC) – 101 (Toby Cowern) is a FREE seven part video mini-series on what you should carry on your person when traveling in unknown areas.

Self Treatment in An Emergency Situation – 101 (Toby Cowern) is a FREE four part video mini-series how to assess, prioritise and treat yourself if you have received injuries from a self defense or other survival scenario and additional help is not available to you.

Avi Nardia Israeli Tracker Knife Review – (Toby Cowern) is FREE four part video mini-series on using the title knife.

Hyper-Learning Modules (Erik Kondo) is a FREE multi-part internet educational course that will change your current paradigm on self-defense.

Test Your Knowledge #1 (Erik Kondo) is a FREE educational quiz on self-defense and violence.