Why Study Violence Dynamics?

1. crime

Do you understand the difference between someone who has a personal issue with you, someone who wants your money and someone who wants to have fun with your pain?
2. Can you distinguish the behaviors between those three?
3. Do you understand the differences between the three types of threats mentioned above?

Do you recognize that a threat acting from an altered state of consciousness is yet another qualitatively different problem? And do you know the nature of that problem?
5. ambush

Can you read terrain to know ambush zones, escape routes, where movement is limited or easy and where visibility is limited or easy?
6. posturing

Can you see and explain the differences in normal and abnormal distancing and posture?
7. portrait of three black gang members

Recognize the body language of a person concealing a weapon?
8. junkie

Do you recognize the signs of adrenaline?

Can you recognize the signs of someone trying to control his or her adrenaline level?
10. Stalker

Do you recognize a criminal interview?
11. confrontation

Can you distinguish your social, psychological and verbal options as they exist early in an encounter?

Do you know your own threat profile?
13. mugging

Do you understand what a criminal needs in order to be successful in a crime and, therefore, what you must deny a criminal?

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