The 7 Aspects of Self-Defense

“Whether you are a student, practitioner, or instructor, Self-Defense is not a simple set of physical skills. At its best, it is an in-depth understanding of a class of problems, combined with social, mental and physical skillsets to neutralize those problems, whether by prevention or direct action.

When we (Kathy and I originally, then Erik) envisioned the maps the idea was to make them a combination of checklist and guide. A list of all the things you need to know and the best order in which to learn them. That way, you could check off your current skills, note and address any holes in your knowledge and plan for the next step in your personal advancement.” – Rory Miller

The 7 Aspects of Self-Defense: Critical Considerations is a CORE Course that will deepen your understanding of what self-defense really is. It will help you to re-examine your training and knowledge for unconsidered strengths and hidden weaknesses. There is a special section for instructors and teachers of self-defense to help them evaluate and improve their instruction and material.

Content: Rory Miller
Editor: Erik Kondo

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