What is the rate of robbery of ATM users?


About 1 per million transactions.


As yet, there are no routinely collected national figures on the incidence of U.S. ATM robberies.††Estimates are derived from periodic surveys of banks conducted by banking associations.†††According to those surveys, there was an estimated one ATM crime (including robbery) per 3.5 million transactions.††††Statewide surveys conducted in California indicated there was one ATM crime per 1.9 million transactions in 1986, one per 1.2 million in 1992, and one per 2.5 million in 1995.1 Thus, the California figures suggest that the rate of ATM crime declined by about 50 percent during that brief period, although we do not know how well the bank survey data reflect the actual incidence of ATM crime. Moreover, the surveys covered all ATM-related crimes, not just robbery, so the figures overstate robbery rates (see below for related crimes).

Robbery at Automated Teller Machines