Some martial artists, male and female, get very confused or even upset when Women’s Self Defense is singled out as separate from other forms of Self Defense. At CRGI, we mostly agree that there are enough fundamental differences to single out Women’s Self Defense as its own subject with its own unique issues.

The combined size and strength issues between a woman and the average attacker create unique problems, and shows us that the grafting of techniques for man-to-man combat are problematic at best when applied to women.

Teja Van Wicklen likes to say, “You need a step ladder to get to a high shelf, a painter’s ladder to get to the ceiling and even a fireman’s ladder to get to the 7th floor. But you need a rocket to get to the moon.

On this page we will provide links to blogs and books that will be helpful to anyone searching for a new approach to the understanding of women’s self defense.




As Victims                                                               As Perpetators

“Woman assaulted by…”                                                           “Woman assaults…”

“Woman attacked by…”                                                            “Woman attacks…”

 “Woman raped…”                                                                       “Woman sentenced…”

“Woman beaten…”                                                                      “Woman beats…”

“Woman accuses…”                                                                     “Woman arrested…”

“Woman harassed by…”                                                            “Woman harasses…”



Battle over the Rules of Social Behavior
Fear vs. Danger
Female Fear of Rape
Female Stranger Rape
Female Sexual Assault Statistics
Feminist Related Issues
Feminist Theory
Female Date Rape 
Fighting Back
General Issues
Girls and Women Behaving Like Men Who Behave Badly
 Potential Perpetrator Methodology
Rape Culture Wars & Societal Violence Dynamics
Self-Defense & Wonen
 Self-defense Stories



Street Harassment

Victim Blaming Debate

Youth & College Sexual Assault