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Posted by Official WorldStarHipHop on Friday, July 31, 2015



Clint Overland:
This is a great example of an educational tune up. Notice it starts with 1 shot, not to hard but given with enough force to get attention. Then comes the disciplinary talking to. Here’s the contract “do not continue in what you are doing or its going to get worse”. Followed up by one more hit. This is the actual enforcement. The first hit was to get the individuals attention, the second is to show that, Yes, it can get a whole lot worse.

Marc MacYoung: Violence comes with instructions how to avoid it. But often pride and emotion make us deaf… and stupid.

Terry Trahan:  Clint is spot on with this, BTDT too many times when younger.

Marc MacYoung: Clint, you left out the ‘Refusing the offer’ Twice the guy said “I must not have smacked you hard enough”

Clint Overland: No. I thought about it, but when I did stuff like this it was rhetorical. I was going to hit him again no matter what. Then I would reoffer the option. I wanted to make my point as clear as possible. The next step is driving a car across his legs.

Marc MacYoung: There’s a time and place for both. Thing is by the time you got called in everyone knew the guy needed it.

Clint Overland: True.

Garry Smith: It’s a must do situation. Not a negotiation, more necessary stages.

Marc MacYoung: Bingo. And explaining the difference is important.

It’s literally the difference between the guy screwed up on the spot (and had he shut up nothing more would have happened)


What you do so you DON’T have to run him over. You know that he’s going to screw up so you line it up so you can smack him again. You do that so he has personal experience that he is NOT to do anything else other than what you told him because the consequences of thinking for himself aren’t worth it.

Thing is there are some motherfuckers who are adamant about getting run over. They’re going to insist on thinking for themselves.

Garry Smith: Scripts, some people cannot help ad libbing, BUT a big slap to the head can screw up an attempt to stfu. Now if the big dog is set on shot number 2 is this part of an acceptance dominance script rather than a screw up.

Garry Smith: I think the guy on the right had the second planned regardless.

Marc MacYoung: Yep. A message to everyone else that there are serious consequences for disrespecting him. REALLY important in honor based societies. Punishment is a big issue.

Thing is, we can look at and see all of these layers before we add in the issue of just plain old sadism. As in whoopie this guy gave me an excuse to go off on him.

The problem is (and it actually is a problem) is how many people will jump to the sadism conclusion first. This over and above even punishment.

Garry Smith: Punishment is not obvious to the unconscious bystander, it is often a shock t the recipient. Now separating sadism and punishment, well I done both on reflection, hard to separate sometime. It’s a fine switch in the brain.

Clint Overland: Trying to explain that sadism is done in private with a drill an auger bit and a ball gag is different than popping a loudmouth several times. But some folks just don’t understand.

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