Dealing with Creeps, Pervs, Sexual Harassment, and More

Wecome to CRGI’s page for helping women deal with low level predators, creeps, harassers, and other manipulative people.


Anna talks about how to deal with creepers and low-level pervs which she calls “Cock Roaches”. 




Throw out window

Marc explains how politeness helps you deal with difficult people – before you have to throw them out the window.






Rory discusses creeping victimization and how the typical self-defense mindset doesn’t take these situations into consideration.






Erik talks about why the phrase “Not interested!” should be your first response to street harassment.




Not interested

Erik expands on why using “Not interested!” is so effective in dealing with all types of sexual harassment.




stKathy discusses the viral street harassment video and why the “ignoring response” can backfire.





Marc talks about how modern life has effected the way people interact with others and the environment.