Conflict Management Media: Episode #14 – No Wonder You People Get Shot

No wonder - 14



Commentary by Erik Kondo

Over-enforcement is in the eye of the beholder(s).

Regardless of the legitimacy of this ticket, the Driver felt that she was being unjustly treated (Over-enforcement), her verbal response of “No wonder you people get shot” was the associated Backlash.

One the other hand, the majority of those watching the video will preceive the Driver’s response as Over-enforcement, and will have a negative response to her. Most likely, they think she got what she deserved and are glad that she is being publically shamed for her actions.

The Officer did not aggressively respond to the woman’s verbal Backlash and effectively de-escalated the situation by walking away. Some may preceive his lack of aggressive response as Under-enforcement. Others will see it as appropriate (Just-Right) for the situation.

The Driver is engaging in Othering where she is generalizing all police as “You People”. Othering is a tool for the incompetent, ignorant, and/or manipulative.






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