Conflict Management Media: Episode #6: Return of the Thug


Conflict Management Media – CMM provides examples of the principles, concepts, tactics, and techniques of both conflict management and conflict mis-management.

In this Episode, we learn from an incident where a Thug returns to a bar with a gun.

Episode #4: Return of the Thug


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Commentary by Clint Overland

“Ya know, I have watched a lot of these videos to see what is going on in different situations. And I also read a lot of comments about the Commentator would have done differently. Guess what Fucknuts? Until you been neck deep in the bullshit you don’t know what the fuck your going to do.

I’ve seen bad men scream like a 2 year old when people tried to kill them. Didn’t stop them from doing what needed done. Guess what? All the training in the world don’t teach you what to do when the unexpected happens.

Don’t armchair quarterback people when you are not in the situation.”




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