Active Shooter – Rory Miller

. In this 23 minute audio presentation, Rory Miller provides you with his take on how civilians should deal with an active shooter situation. The following are some of the subjects covered: Introduction Rare Events Nobody Really Knows Principles Don’t Increase the Chaos 7 Natural Strategies Freezing/Hiding Running Leadership Posture and Submit Normalizing Hunting Impact … [Read more…]

Seven Aspects of Self-Defense Digital Digest – Rory Miller

“There are seven things you must cover if you intend to learn and/or teach self-defense. Failure in any of these areas will leave you and/or your student vulnerable.” – Rory Miller This 21 page Digital Digest will teach you the important parts of Rory Miller’s Seven Aspects of Self-Defense.  

Violence Dynamics Digital Digest – Rory Miller & Marc MacYoung

This 47 page Digital Digest provide you an introduction to the important concepts of violence dynamics. You will learn about the difference between social and asocial violence and how this knowledge can help you deal with violence. In addition, you will gain in-depth knowledge and insights into the various models of violence found in modern … [Read more…]