HELP – How do I use this site?

The goal of this Site is to increase your Knowledge/Understanding/Intelligence (SMARTS) of the subject of Violence, Self-Defense, and Conflict Management.

Increased SMARTS is directly related to your ability to quickly process and execute the connections and relationships between various concepts, principles, experiences, and pieces of information on relevant subject matter.

 Figure 1

This Site is not intended as a replacement for your existing SMARTS. We will increase  it by making Good – Better. The Site is continuing EDUCATION and TRAINING for those motivated by SELF-IMPROVEMENT as opposed to FEAR.


The initial problem is that many people”s mind looks this this:


Therefore, this Site is designed to help clear and organize your mind so that you can more effectively do what you want to do.



Everyone will navigate and use this Site differently depending upon their specific needs and motivations. Generally, the MENU contains links to resources and reference material.

The CATEGORIES contain the different posts grouped together by SUBJECT matter.

You can also select an AUTHOR to review all his or her POSTS.

There is a SEARCH BOX that will enable you to locate POSTS based on keywords in titles and in the content.

This Site is constantly evolving. We hope you are too.




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