The Progressive Fence Digital Course

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The Progressive Fence - Erik Kondo
This course will teach you the basics of the Progressive Fence which is a major tool of the Progressive Boundary Setting System. Course Prerequisites: 1. Pyramid of Personal Safety 2. Five Stages of Violent Crime 3. 7 Aspects of Self-Defense 4. Violence Dynamics
Module 1 The Elements of the Progressive Fence
The Progressive Fence is a model that utilizes progressive (escalating responses) of the Visual Fence (body language), Verbal Fence (assertive phrases), Physical Fence (physical actions), and Institutional Fence (power of government) to control and limit unwanted behavior.
Unit 1 The Visual Fence
Unit 2 The Verbal Fence
Unit 3 The Physical Fence
Unit 4 Institutional Fence
Module 2 Using the Progressive Fence
This module will help you understand how to use the Progressive Fence in real life situations.
Unit 1 The Application of the Progressive Fence
Unit 2 Example Scenarios
Unit 3 Common Questions and Responses

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